February 06, 2008

My Million Dollar Idea

Ok so I am not a drinker (of alcohol that is) but have friend whose husband downs it like water. And lately his health hasn't been good. I am not trying to be judgmental or anything but know that alcohol can be the culprit to many of his problems. As I was laying awake in my bed having a hard time sleeping I was thinking about this. I came up with a solution.

Beer flavored sparkling water!

Well actually I don't know does beer have some carbonation? The only time I ever tasted a beer or any alcohol was when I was 7 or 8 sitting on my grandfather's lap and asked him what he was drinking. He told me it was a beer and that I shouldn't ever drink it. Of course I said "why do you drink it then." He told me some reason. But after begging him to try it, he let me have a taste. All I remember is that my young taste buds rejected it, spitting it out on his lap. Anyway good lesson moment for me because I have never had the desire to drink it, can't stand the smell of it.

But anyway, so I was thinking you know they come up with diet soda's and all the crystal light possible drinks, and I know they have light beers, but its not the calories that I am concerned about. So why not create a water that has beer flavoring with out the alcohol? It could come in a cool beer bottle, have the healthy for you barley and no alcohol? Then you could stand around drinking your "beer" and get healthy? But for some reason I vaguely remember something called Neer Beer that my dad bought for my granddad at some point? Did someone already try this? Maybe I am a little naive to the whole affects of alcohol as well...but it seemed like a good idea.

I don't know maybe the idea was better as it ran around in my head at 4 in the morning.


Janine said...

It is always amazing how infallible ideas sprung at 4 AM are! Maybe this is a marketing breakthrough, maybe not. After all, one day someone said "Let's just put water in a bottle and sell it." Billions of dollars later, many people still can't figure out why that works...

Yvonne said...

You never know what might sell. Janine is so right--what would MY grandparents think about us BUYING bottled water when you can get it out of your faucet or put it in a container and carry it around.

JustRandi said...

You go girl! I think it's a winner. You'll make (DR NO voice here:) ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!

Sheri said...

There are a few brands of non-alcoholic beer - Odouls is one and Near Beer another... I don't know how big of a seller they are... I think most who drink beer drink it for the alcohol effects more than the taste... at least I hope so! Cause the taste is not something to recommend! Not htat I am an expert on it!!

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