February 15, 2008

Where do they come up with these things?

Last night the kids were getting ready for bed and decided they wanted to wear our T-shirts to bed. So they went into our closet and pulled out some t-shirts. Well Gregory came out in a long sleeve shirt of Eric's then Bethany wanted one.

Anyway after a few minutes of them in the closet,
Gregory comes running out in about 10 shirts, which go to the floor on him. He danced around and said "I'm Dad! Look at me!" And I started laughing, and asked him if he had underwear on. He didn't get it but Eric began to laugh too because Gregory reminded us of Joey on friends when he puts on all of Chandler's clothes and has no underwear on and starts doing squats and leg lunges!!

Ok...laughing about that Friend's episode now. Funny!

Well then Gregory balls himself up inside the shirt and starts rolling around the room. We are talking the only thing you can see is a shirt ball rolling around the room. And out of the shirt ball comes the words "I'm Dad's tummy, rolling rolling rolling, I'm Dad's tummy." If I had a video camera I would have recorded it. I was about to wet my pants I was laughing so hard.

Ok so they are my kids and I think they are funny, but this was funny.

Then they decided to put underwear on their heads, not sure where that idea came from but they were running around with underwear over there heads, all three of them Gregory, Bethany and Emily. I need to have my camera more handy lately.


Yvonne said...

You really have to capture those moments for the rest of us ; )

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

hi corrine,
this is so fun. and i love especially how they were running around with underwear on their heads. nature vs. nurture??? hehehehe

thanks for the fun post. i love the wild little silly funny things that the little ones sometimes say and do.

happy Sabbath girl,
kathleen :)

ps. you know, i love it everytime you visit me. you bring me smiles. take care ...

Cheryl Anne said...

that is hillarious! I'm sure it would have been great to capture it on film, but my imagination makes it pretty darn funny too! LOL

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