February 09, 2008

AARP for Moms

So I was reading 2 Kids and Tired's blog today and her little bit on the AARP sending her recruiting material. You can read it HERE or click on her name above. As I was leaving my ever brillant comment, I stumbled upon the words of another commenter which trickered another MILLION DOLLAR IDEA!

If you are not familiar with the AARP its kind of a AFLAC type program for retirement people, well not sure if that is an accurate statement at all, but its a group that you get a little card for and if you flash it at lets say the Hotel checker in person, they will give you a 10% discount. Anyway so this commenter mentioned there should be a program for everyone else, under 50. It made me think there really should be a program for Moms. And I am not sure how to go about it and get it started but these are the benefits I would include in my program called (thinking of a clever name...).......

Ok well anyway maybe it will come to me later so here are the benefits:

1. Free dry cleaning on clothing that has spills, spit ups, nursing leaks, playdough, ooohhh dried up gum, mostly dirty messes that happen to you not because of you but because you have kids. Heaven's knows you wouldn't make such messes on your own clothes with out those little people around! :)

2. A cut in line pass, you could flash your card at the cashier at the grocery store or that ever so long line at walmart, or didn't think of this until right this minute, but those long lines at the amusement park, not that you or I have probably been there recently but you know it would be wonderful to be able to skip in front of all those teenagers and get your screaming kids on the rides as fast as possible and enjoy the ride yourself...But the card alone would be worth it for cutting in line at the store for me. I mean I spend 45 minutes shopping and another 30 in line!

3. "You heard me card" You just hold the card up and your kids know you were serious about what you said and quickly go and do the chore at hand....this would also work on fathers/spouses.

4. Another benefit of being a member of my -I don't have a name of mom's benefit group- would be 50% off house cleaning services weekly.

5. 75% off window cleaning of any window with kids fingerprints, food or dog muddy paw prints. Free sliding glass door cleaning on all visits especially if covered in window paint, pudding smudged finger prints!

6. Key finding services, as well as "where are my shoes?" finding services. You click your card and these items linked to your card will start beeping so they will be found instantly.

7. Weekly accredited 20 referenced babysitter for just a $1 an hour. Limit 8 hours of use a week- as to not to wear down our sitters. These sitters are qualified to watch kids from 4 weeks old to 18+ so use them often!

8. Personal exercising buddy free of charge. We match you up with a local member that exercises regulary and willing to help you out in your goals.

9. 50% of personal chefs, our professional chefs will come in and make you the most nutritious kid friendly meals. (I am starting to sound like a flier)

10. In home traveling manicurist, for a weekly pedicure and manicure. As mom's we need to not only look good but feel good. Though you might not really need this service if you use a trip to a spa and hire a sitter.

11. 50% one hour massages by a trained massage therapist.

12. Speaking of therapist free monthly visits to your favorite therapist to talk yourself through all those things that are making your hairs gray.

13. Ok I could keep going on, and on....still need to think of a name but man I think someone should start this program and it'd only be $35 a month to be a member!


Holly said...

LOL!!! I love it! I'd join!!

Cheryl Anne said...

SIGN ME UP!!!! :)

Cheryl Anne said...
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Becky said...

I dunno about the cut in line one..i mean..seriously..that would get old really fast. [of course..why are teens on kiddy rides??] I guess it depends really. I don't understand..but I would babysit for free on occasion if you wanted..b/c your kids are really sweet.

ahaha..okay...good luck..with finding a name and whatnot..=].

Heidi said...

I'll buy it, I'll buy it, I'll buy it! In fact, I'll take two, because I'll probably misplace it!

JustRandi said...

Finally! A membership I could really use !

katharine said...

that's the "mom's dream card", i've been dreaming about it for about 6 years

p.s. how long did you jog today? i did 30 min.!!

Marci said...

here you can do your grocery shopping on line and they deliver it to your door (the delivery cost is about $10--- but when you think about it you spend more than that just in impulse purchases). Maybe you can start that up as a business. It is SOOOOO nice to grocery shop in your jammies at 11:45 p.m. at the comfort of your own home.

Yvonne said...

I think you've got something there!!!!

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