February 27, 2008

100 Things You need to Know about me!

1. I was born in Stanford, Ca
2. I am the third child
3. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters
4. I married a 3rd child
5. I weighed 7.1 when I was born
6. I need to lose 7.1 lbs to be close to what I weighed when I got married.
7. I was married in the Salt Lake City Temple, but didn't choose the temple.
8. We were couple number 24 to get married that morning.
9. While waiting to sign in and do what nots, the guy from my freshman year who we had talked about being fall backs if we weren't married at 30, was standing in line behind me to get married that day.
10. Eric and I met on a blind date, though my sister had wanted to set us up a few years earlier.
11. I didn't date in high school, other than going to a few of the school dances, usually sadie hawkins. I got asked out 3 times my whole high school career.
12. I cried after being asked to senior prom, because I didn't want to go with the guy that called me. My mom told me to call him back and tell him no, but I didn't because I knew no one else was going to ask me. (If I hadn't packed away my photo albums I'd include my prom picture.)
13. I loved watching the Friday the 13th movies, as a matter of fact I love horror movies. I love being scared.
14. I am totally afraid of heights, only because while standing on tall balconies I want to jump.
15. I don't like jumping on the trampoline because it gives me a headache.
16. I got my first migraine headache when I was 13 and I thought I was going to die.
17. In junior high my friend Kelly and I would go to the mall and hang out at the book store, and I would buy Christopher Pike books or other teen murder mystery novels.
18. I have never read a novel more than once, the only book that I have read over and over again is the Book of Mormon.
19. I have however seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, While you were Sleeping, and Green Card many many times.
20. Green Card is the only movie I ever saw in the theaters more than once.
21. Shala and I went to the dollar theater next to her house and saw it five times...I think...We would laugh before the funny parts happened annoying everyone around us.
22. I have seen GreenCard since then and am not sure why we liked the movie so much.
23. Shala and I laughed all the time, even when nothing was being said.
24. I haven't found a good laughing buddy since her.
25. I have been nick named giggles because I giggle a lot.
26. When I am really nervous I have a nervous giggle.
27. Sometimes I use my giggle as a period to my sentences.
28. I don't notice how much I giggle until I hear my self taped or someone mentions it to me.
29. I don't feel like I giggle as much as I use to and wonder if I am less nervous or less happy.
30. I snort when I laugh hard.
31. It really bothers me to have sentences start with I....but for some reason all mine do right now :)
32. My first kiss was at the age of 18, and was with some random guy I met cruising in Reno.
33. I did kiss our neighbor when I was six, we played kissing games all the time, up until I was 11.
34. I am 34 years old but I feel like I am still 15, and get shocked every time I see pictures of me.
35. I don't think I am pretty but find that sometimes I am photogenic.
36. I don't like my nose.
37. I am totally afraid of large crowds.
38. I get overly anxious when going some where I have never been before.
39. I have to look at a map and directions several times before I leave and then check it while I am driving often.
40. I break out in massive sweats when I am nervous.
41. I have over active sweat glands.
42. I love to work out and get all sweaty.
43. It has been too long since I have.
44. I used to be a really good swimmer.
45. I still can swim well but not as fast as I used to.
46. I placed 3rd in regionals for back stroke.
47. I have shaved my whole body, minus my head.
48. My arm hair didn't grow back thicker and darker.
49. I only shave my legs every Sunday, and sometimes not every.
50. If I didn't mind the feel of it, I'd let my leg hairs grow out.
51. I like to cut my daughters hair, and every time I decide to let it grow out, I have to cut it off.
52. I would have gone to beauty school after high school if my mom would have let me.
53. I am glad my mom encouraged me to go to college first.
54. I went to BYU Hawaii for my freshman year of college.
55. The last day of school there I witnessed a murder.
56. The DA thought I should transfer away from the school, which is why I ended up at BYU- Provo.
57. I loved BYU other than the fact that it was a little more uptight and competitive than BYU Hawaii.
58. I wanted to study nursing but was told by friends and councilors that the program was too competitive, I wish I hadn't listened to them.
59. I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom, but would love to go back to school to get my nursing degree.
60. I want to take some creative writing classes.
61. My junior year English teacher loved my writings and often had me read my stories out loud in class.
62. I used to write murder mysteries.
63. If I were to write a book or story now, it'd have to do with parenting and what I know now
64. One of my favorite authors is Mary Higgins Clark, and well Sue Grafton too.
65. I can't stand loud noise.
66. I am an impatient perfectionist.....I like things to be perfect but don't have the patience to make them that way.
67. I have a good eye for colors
68. I took a few interior design classes, but can't draw so didn't want to pursue it because I knew I wouldn't be able to draw designs...little did I know the computer technology was going to change so much.
69. I applied for the photography program at BYU, and because of the above, not being able to draw I didn't get in, the program was in the design program and they didn't have just a photography program.
70. I would love to be a photographer.
71. I need a new camera.
72. I take way too many pictures.
73. I no longer have the desire to scrapbook.
74. I love digital scrapbooking but my computer is being a lame-O and won't let me do it "not enough virtual memory."
75. I have a terrible memory. I can't recall much from the past.
76. I do however have a great recall if I have written it down :)
77. I like to make up stories about strangers as they pass me by on the freeway or when I am at a park or somewhere.
78. I love hearing about people's real stories.
79. I don't think I have much of a story.
80. I don't like overly positive people.
81. I think everyone has a busy life, but it is not an excuse to not help other's out.
82. I think we are all selfish beings trying to prove that we are not.
83. I have a hard time being around people that just talk about themselves.
84. I want to do one of those Klenix commercials and sit on the side of the road and see how fast I can get people to cry and tell me their stories.
85. I cry really easy, and hate it.
86. I despise the word hate.
87. I get a long with pretty much everyone.
88. I served a mission in Brazil.
89. I got along with all of my companions.
90. I translated our area conference for Elder and Sister Neal Maxwell. I translated Sister Maxwell's talk in Portuguese to the audience.
91. I speak very quietly sometimes and Elder Maxwell kept saying "what?" to me.
92. I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled in Brazil, with just some pliers and a bit of Novocaine, feeling the whole thing. And walked away with no pain meds.
93. I wore a body cast for a few months when I was 9 months old.
94. I tried and quit learning the following: Tap, ballet, piano, flute
95. I took 9 years of French, four of which included French 1 :) I still don't speak a lick of it. "Je m'appelle Corrine."
96. I was a foreign exchange student in Belgium for the summer, once again part of my failed french attempts.
97. I was sophomore class secretary in high school.
98. I have always wanted to be a receptionist, since watching 9 to 5 as a child.
99. I have a huge crush on the legal assistant from Judging Amy and I don't know his name.
100. I used to write daily in my journal leaving me a book shelf full of journals. Since I have been married I have finished one...I use to finish one every couple of months.


Holly said...

Cool facts! I know where Stanford is...I grew up in the East Bay. I got my first migraine at 22 and I thought I was going to die too. Sometimes I still think that when I get them. My husband had a green card. I've never consistently kept a journal. I blog instead!

Tonya said...

I love these kinds of posts. It's really fun to read all these things about you.

P.S. It's hard to write a post all about you without using "I" multiple times :o)

Yvonne said...

Love this--it's always so fun to learn more about blogging friends.

What a great experience that must have been with the Maxwell's. Isn't it amazing that you took all that French and yet went to Brazil.

The guy in Judging Amy is named Richard Jones--he has a small part in the movie Vantage Point.

Cheryl Anne said...

I'm pretty sure I couldn't come up with 100 facts all about myself... let me include great things about my kids and family, then I could go on forever. Anyway, I had fun reading yours. My migraines started at age 14, I thought I was going blind because of the aura, then the headache... wow. The advisors at BYU told me the same thing about the nursing program. I did community health, now I am working as a medical assistant (doing all the same things as the nurse without the same pay, ugh.) someday I too want to go back to school to get the degree I wanted in the first place.

katharine said...

you want a story? remind me to tell you about the time i hitchhiked on a tour bus for a neo-nazi skinhead heavey-metal band in slovakia! some guy was trying to feed me sardines straight out of a can.

Heidi said...

Oh, my. I too cried when I was asked to the senior prom. And then I told him no.

And then one of my friends asked me to go with him, and then we ended up doubling with the guy who I had turned down. Which was pretty awkward. The End.

Erika said...

I finally finished reading your 100 facts ...it was lot of fun to know things about you I never even thought about

hjackson said...

I LOVED this blog - I could totally relate to some of what you wrote (I copied and pasted some below)... Oh, and I didn't get asked to ANY school dances... So I feel your pain. Dating in HS in Hawaii was a huge joke. When my younger siblings went to HS in Utah I couldn't believe the difference. You could actually go out with a guy and not be his girlfriend??? HOLY COW!!!

So these are some that I TOTALLY relate to:

36. I don't like my nose.

37. I am totally afraid of large crowds.

38. I get overly anxious when going some where I have never been before.

75. I have a terrible memory. I can't recall much from the past.

76. I do however have a great recall if I have written it down :)

85. I cry really easy, and hate it.

100. I used to write daily in my journal leaving me a book shelf full of journals. Since I have been married I have finished one...I used to finish one every couple of months.

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