October 06, 2010

Self Expression

This is my Sweet little Two just a few days ago. When she decided to take scissors to her hair, I am guessing out of a desire to "express" herself, or just for the experience of the feel of taking scissors to her own hair and watching the hair fall by her own hands. Whatever it was, she did it. So here she is just after the cut. Not too bad, and I am not really a hair person or one that seems to ever even do my own much, but Sunday as we were leaving my parents, it dawned on me that Monday was picture day!  And I felt that this hair cut wasn't exactly what expression she wanted to be making.

 So I called my neighbor who happens to be a hair dresser. She had Two come right over and she just took her razor and textured up the whole thing.

She smiled the whole time she was cutting her hair. Kind of funny though, because she didn't take off any length, Two looked in the mirror when we got home and said "i look like a boy!"  I told her that Christy had just added layers and that she is the one that cut her hair short.  To which she replied "I guess I hadn't looked in the mirror at myself before!" It made me smile.So in my attempt to make the hair look less like a boy in her mind, we gelled it and spiked it and put a little pulmeria flower in it. She looked so cute and sassy. And now she has found what I think is the perfect hair to express her personality.
Yes that is my fridge!
Anyway her intention wasn't sassy but it has turned that way and I love it!


Shannon said...

That is adorable and I love it!

Aly Allred said...

The new style looks cute!

mkt said...

I think it looks darling! Good call on the spiky look.

Melissa said...

Ah, it looks so cute!!

Toyin O. said...

Very cute.


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