October 15, 2010

Day 2: After the Sun

Once we came back from the morning stroll on the beach, we ate our breakfast and took Eric to work. After dropping him off we headed to the East Coast, and hiked up to the light house.  First time I have done it with out a stroller, and let me tell you much easier on me. However the kids weren't totally cooperative so it took a lot longer than we had planned but that is ok. 

I gave each of them a chance with the camera and they took a ton of pictures. Bee was so excited to see the cacti, and the prickly pear fruit on them. She took several pictures.  G-Man decided he wanted to pick one and taste it.  He spent the rest of the day pulling out the fiber glass like pricklies out of his hands and shirts. He tasted it, said it was sweet then decided it was disgusting and chucked it down the cliff!

After our little hike, we got in the car and headed back to pick up eric so he could get a moving truck.  He then drove us home and went back to the office.

The kids and I hit our pool, but decided it wasn't very fun after a few minutes and went to the beach.  We played on the beach for a few hours.  The kids had a blast building a sand castle and G and B swam out to a boat and played on that for awhile. 

We returned, had dinner and the kids all crashed before six o'clock, I fell asleep soon after at 7. 


Yvonne said...

Are you adjusting to the time change--that is really the ONLY problem with going to Hawaii. However, everything else makes up for it.

katharine said...

enjoy your family time!

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