October 20, 2010

Day 8: Friends, Fun and Kind of Done

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning on the wrong side of the bed, that would be the side that told me to get out and keep the kids entertained. After making them do some homework, and a little cleaning, we headed to our beach across the street. The kids played for a little while, but seemed to be feeling the same as me, because we headed back home early. We grabbed some Subway sandwiches and picnicked by the pool. Where swimming entertained us for another half hour. Then it was inside for some quiet time. Mostly for me.

Then when Eric returned at 2, we headed northwest and met up with some old friends! We had a wonderful afternoon and evening.
We  drove to our friend's home, and had a tour of their new house. And then headed out to Kololina where the kids played on the beach, and rekindled old friendships.

The kids loved having access to some beach toys to make better sand castles.

A friendship that picked up where it had left almost two years ago.

another happy reunited friendship!

Look I have friends too!  So much fun chatting and hanging out with some girlfriends from times past. Sure have missed these gals!

After some yummy KFC and sand dinner, the kids decided it was time to hit the water and do a little snorkeling!

I told them to smile and G-Man said "It is kind of hard to smile with one of these in our mouths, mom!"

The sun started going down, quickly on our fun!

Chatting, chatting and more chatting!

The whole group of friends, hanging watching the sun set. Can you spy Eric?

There goes the sun! Amazing! It is so awesome to be able to see this amazing daily occurrence.
 And I am offering anyone, up til Sunday at 5 CST to comment on all or any of our vacation blog posts, for a drawing for a box of choc mac nuts, so start your commenting, http://www.4kidsnodog.blogspot.com/  Have a great day!  Off to play, with the new sand toys and boogie boards we purchased last night.


Cheryl Anne said...

It looks so amazingly beautiful there! Glad you're having a fun time. :)

SailorMoon said...

I am enjoying your trip as well!! It's so nice to see someone having a good time and ya'll deserve it!! ((I love chocolate too!!) Beautiful pics....

Yvonne said...

Great shots.

Always fun to meet up with friends.

Glad you're having such a great time.

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

That sunset picture is just beautiful! Glad you are getting to see old friends. I am jealous of your trip, someday I will make it back there. You guys deserve it!

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