October 14, 2010

Day 1: Flying

Tuesday afternooon the kids and I got in the van and headed to the airport. (with the help of a friend, thanks Jessica!). I planned plenty of time so we were able to switch our seats that had been switched on us, leaving us all in different rows. Seats fixed, one bag checked and off to the gate. 
We had plenty of time to wait and watch the planes. And eat a few snacks. Though I have to add my little complaint about not being able to bring your own drinks, because they charge an arm and a leg for them in the airport. Anyway we got on the plane, everyone in their seat, all settled, buckled and ready to take off....then everything in the plane went off.  G asked "did they run out of gas?" Bee "Did the plane break down?"  Me "seriously? I just got them all settled!" 

Soon the pilot was announcing there was a mechanical problem and we were all off.  Good thing there was a plane all good to go for us, we just had to get to the other side of the airport. Well I was a little concerned about making our connection in Seatle which was just a 50 minute connection time already, I texted Eric to check on other possiblities. Then was able to find out that half the plane was on our Hawaii flight and anyway went to board the next plane, our boarding passes didn't work, because they had switched us to the next morning direct flight. So we stood there with the gate agent trying to fix it.  They were still working on it, when everyone was sitting and waiting for us, that they just let us on and said they would fix our flight from Seattle. so off we went!  Once we arrived to Seattle, we had no time to board, but made it just in time, to find that our seats had all been switched! Again, but we were able to get it so G and B sat next to each other and I had the little ones. Other than a few seat kicks, and several bathroom trips, the flight was unadventful, thankfully. B and G sat next to a South Korean man that spoke little to no English, but they some how communicated with him through writing on paper and he took great care of them! 

They were so excited to land!  I asked Two if she remembered Hawaii, as she was only three the last time we were here. She looked at me and said "No but I will not let it go out of my head this time."  So cute! Eric was standing waiting for us, with leis he had made for us. Yes he made them!  The kids and I were so excited to see him and he was so happy to see us.

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SailorMoon said...

I know about the drinks. I had to fly my daughter up to Minnesota for her first year of college in August and met one fellow traveler who takes an empty water bottle or 2 thru security and then fills them up at the drinking fountain on the other side. Definitely cheaper than 3 or 4 bucks they charge!! Just an idea....I'll do it next time.

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