October 21, 2010

Day 9: little sun poisoning

After a morning and afternoon at the beach, Eric surprised us at sunset to hang with us. Since we had some friends with us, we decided to pose for a couple family shots. Not too bad!

Not too sure why G is being so clingy and sad and what Bee is looking at but still a cute little family!

All I can think of is the new Windows photo program commercial about the family picture "why is did you put an action figure in your brother's ear?" And T Rex you getting ready to shoot someone??

G-Man picks up boogie boarding, sand surfing style!

What the? She just came charging down and danced in front of us.

Two mimicking the hula dancing lady.

Running bikini clad lady joins our hula lady, while kids, well STARE.

Two reunited again with her friend, they were so silly and having such a great time. They were making themselves, sand monsters!

Coppertone Baby....

Bee would love to have her own little baby sister, she asks almost weekly, and she is wearing a head band g found for her in the ocean.

Our friends' little baby girl, too cute...two cute girls.

Clover sand castle.

working hard to build the sandcastle.

Serious boogie boarding going on here...not enough waves, so sister pulls the line.  What else are sisters good for if they can't pull your line.
Pretty sure after a 9 days in the sun, my skin is revolting. Just a little. After a google search and a conversation with a physician and a nurse (even if they are our friends that we were hanging out with) pretty sure that I am having a skin allergic reaction between some sun screen and the sun.  Oh well can't always be paradise can it :)? 


Yvonne said...

Looks like so much fun.

Sorry about the skin problem.

Michelle said...

I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to pop over to your blog in awhile.

Looks like you all are doing well and having a fun trip, how nice!

Aly Allred said...

So are you going to make a Christmas card with one of these family photos? You should!!! I wish you were here to take our family photo this year. I bought all purple shirts (for the U Dub Husky) that I am going to try and get dad to take our picture...

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