October 15, 2010

Day 3: Sandcastles

I am having a few technical difficulties, so no pictures in this post, but believe me I am sure there are posts all over Japan with our pictures.

The kids and I, well minus T-Rex who decided to hang with his dad, in the big truck, all day, headed for Lanikai, after of course our morning 4 am beach walk.  Which was interesting because there is a Hilton Union Strike. At first I feared some gang drunken fight, but when I saw the signs and the cops, knew it was ok.  We stopped and talked to several of the strikers, to find out that they were promised some shares, and instead the money went to cooperate, and also there are several illegal employees...and anyway, its a peaceful strike.

Anyway so we headed out on the Pali, really we were going to go to the North Shore but traffic was bad and i opted on the Pali, and then remembered the amazing white beaches of Lanikai, so after driving around a little, two years is a long time to really remember little back roads, we found the beach.  We had a blast.

The sand is so soft and molds so easily when wet. The kids started digging and building a wave wall, which kept getting knocked over, but they kept building it bigger, better and stronger. We some how created this monster hole, castle, wall thing.  I am not sure if it was the cute blond kids or the big sand castle, but when the groups of Japanese tourist walked on the shore, they stopped and just clicked away at us.  Two separate ladies, gave me their camera, pointed to the button for taking pictures and got on their knees with my kids.  I almost said "$20" after taking the picture, like they do with the parrots on the strip, but decided they wouldn't understand  my humor. 

We kept building a water tunel, to allow the waves to come into our pit.  Well as i was digging, something caught my finger, a tiny pinch feeling.  Then I screeched, ok I screamed, as a little crab was there.  He was the most transparent little thing I have seen. I say little but he was about three inches wide, including his claws.  He fascinated my kids for several hours, ok minutes, maybe an hour. We watched him dig back down then we would scoop him up, poor thing.

After our sand fun, we played in the waves. Took the kids awhile to warm up to the water, but by the time i was done, ie  sunburnt around my suit lines, we decided to leave, me dragging them to the car.  As soon as we wiped off all the sand, we headed to our old stomping grounds of Hawaii Kai.  Though the kids fell asleep pretty much as soon as we got in the car.

We drove to Kokonuts for some shaved ice. I decided to go with a dole whip, pineapple sherbet.  Then off to get Eric and T-Rex.

Once we got home the kids went swimming in our pool with Eric and I fixed dinner, that turned out to be rotten pizza. So we had sandwiches instead. I fell asleep before the rest too.

Now off to another fun filled day, gonna avoid the sun I think, but G man is feeling sad I told him I didn't want to beach it today. We will see.


Yvonne said...

I love, love, love, Hawaii.

Enjoy--have a fabulous time.

mkt said...

So glad you guys made it down there! You deserve a little R&R!

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