October 27, 2010

Day 13: The final Day :(

The final day came to quickly. I just really wasn't ready to go home. However Bee mentioned on Sunday that she was ready to go home and go back to school. Which getting her report card of all 95% plus I guess she really does like it!

The whole trip the kids were dying to go out on the ocean, in a kayak, so for the last day, probably not the best day to do it, since it was very windy. The cloudy was nice, but wind not so much. But we rented them, and paddled down the canal and dragged the boats over sand, to the ocean. Two, G and I were in one boat, and Eric, T-Rex and Bee, were in the other. Eric helped my crew up and out, but he and the little kids, had a hard time. He got in and the wave knocked him out and the boat over. The scary part was me watching as the boat was totally upside down. I rowed in and decided that the waves were to crazy for us to go out on shore. And the lifeguard that came to our rescue, said we probably shouldn't be doing that with our young kids. So we decided to go down the canal, to the lake. However it took some convincing to get T-Rex in. After we rowed the calm waters, we headed back to the ocean, where Eric took G out for a bit and then I took him out for a bit. It was a lot of fun. Especially riding the waves back in.

T didn't want to give his spider man life jacket back. He has even asked me today if he could go get it back.
 After our time in the boats, we headed to Buzz's for some local grub.

Then back to the condo, where the kids and dad went swimming while I packed their back packs.  We had a family home evening, and off to the airport. The kids were so tired. It was a little after 7 but since we had been in Hawaii they were going to bed around that time. I did everything I could to keep them awake so they would sleep the whole plane ride. And it worked. T-Rex was asleep before all the passengers were seated. The rest were there shortly after. And we were on the non stop direct flight so yeah no transfer!

We arrived and it was cold!!

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Yvonne said...

Glad you survived the plane ride home. Welcome home.

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