October 24, 2010

Day 11: Friday Sea Life Park

Since we lived here in 2008 and I have been a fan of Fifty First Dates I have wanted to visit Sea Life Park. It never happened and I worked really hard to make it happen this time. Eric woke up early and took the kids to Sams to get some things for the warehouse, and some donuts. When they were done they picked me up and we headed to the beach park and enjoyed some early morning sun and donuts. The kids had a blast feeding the birds. Then we headed to Goodwill to find me some long sleeve shirts to cover up my rashy arms. And to get the boys some white shirts for church, since it was their primary program and they were participating in it. Then we headed to Sea Life park. If you have been to Sea World its not too big and exciting, but the dolphins were amazing, and the closeness to the sea turtles and other animals was quite remarkable.

Feeding the Sea Turtles

Some where there is an E turtle, that stands for Emily, and she is the oldest sea turtle they have at 82 years. There is also a K one that stands for Kiki, like our aunt :)

This is a whalphin, one of two a the park, and I believe the only ones in captivity....or in the world.

In the air, they were quite amazing. wish i had my longer lens on.

This little guy, loved the ball, slash buoy, he seemed to be trying to throw it to the kids.

The sea lion came right by the kids. They were in awe.

oh look a cute couple!

The kids favorite part of the day, when their parents sitting out of the splash zone, were totally splashed, as the waters flew over the splash zone and landed in their laps. 

Puffy Star fish, i am sure it has a more scientific name, but it is pretty cool. When Eric and I went scuba diving a few years ago, I actually held one in the wild.

Sea Life park is truly nestled beautifully between the hills and the sea side.

After the park, we headed some where...but for some reason two days ago, was a long time ago.....asking everyone and they seem to not remember either. Two says we went to a restaurant....and we could of...that is right we headed to Shokuedo, for happy hour. The kids sat at the bar and drank Shirley Temples and had lots of Pupus....and the best honey toast. I have to find the pictures from my phone, but the honey toast was so tasty!!

Then to home we went. Where we almost all fell asleep, except for me, t-rex and two, we walked down to the beach and watched the evening fireworks and came home to bed.

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Aly Allred said...

That looks cool. Bummer we never went. Want to do that the next time we visit.

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