October 27, 2010

day 12: running into friends

I think by far the highlight of Sunday, was sitting in church and seeing the Day family walk in! It was kind of funny because Alicia had written on her blog about there first trip to Hawaii. So I commented back asking where they were. Turns out they had arrived the night before in Oahu. I told her to call me when we got done with church, because our kids were going to be in our old ward's program and that was all we had planned for the day.

You can imagine my surprise when of all the wards in Hawaii they could of gone to, they were at ours, well not ours but the same one.  We chatted and made plans to meet later, to watch the sunset from a high point in town. They got a little lost, but were able to meet up and then get some frozen yogurt after. The shaved ice place we wanted to take them to was closed.

The kids woke up and made us some pancakes. They turned out pretty good.

The sun starting to set.

View of Honolulu, Waikiki and Diamond Head.

And the day wouldn't be complete with out including our friend, dad's coworker Dave. Eric has invited him a couple of times to join our family in our activities. However he hadn't been able to make it. So we were thrilled to have us join us. However I am not sure how much fun he had, because the kids seemed to drill him all night. But thanks Dave for joining us, the kids had a blast. I mean they chose to sit with you over me, during frozen yogurt, actually got up from my table and went to sit with him!

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