October 24, 2010

Day 10: Thursday...avoiding the sun

I mentioned that on Wednesday I had sun poisoning, if I didn't well I did. It is/was horrible. By Thursday morning my arms were so swollen, bumpy, itchy and oozing that I really couldn't handle one more day in the sun. So I tried to find a way to avoid it. So we went for a walk. I know not the best way to avoid the sun, but we stayed in the shade.
The kids and I headed down the street towards the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Usually we just walk through the village, heading towards the beach. Where we seemed to hang out almost everyday this week. Instead we stopped like the good tourists and took pictures as we headed towards their penguins.

Two decided to do a little hula on the bridge with the amazing statues. She was cute, and several other tourists noticed her, stopped, smiled and photographed her as well. She actually has a pretty good Tahitian hip swing thing going on.

So we noticed the natural beauty of flowers. Bee was good enough to stop and pose next to this pretty yellow hibiscus (don't know how to spell it and don't think spell check knows what I am trying to spell)

G-Man picked it, and I told him since he did he had to take a picture with it in his ear. He really wanted to bring it back home to his friends, but I told him it wouldn't make the trip. Which is why we aren't suppose to pick the flowers, so everyone can enjoy.

So while we were at it, we decided to get everyone with the flower. Isn't she too cute?

This is T-Rex's smile, I think....but some how the flower just didn't want to stay in his ear. looks kind of sad, doesn't it.

And we make it to the penguin tank, see any? We counted a total of 8. And there were 9 turtles in the water too.

There they are, see any turtles?

Our walk led us to the army museum, free and air conditioned and in doors. Minus the few retired tanks and large army weapons. 

next to a large cut out.

G-Man looking at the money that was current during the war, leans over to me and says "is this the money you used as a child?"

I couldn't finish our walk off with out winding back through the Hilton village to see, as what T-Rex refers to it as "the large duck."  This little goose or swan is on his own in a pond full of fish and mini lobsters.  Anyway every day we walk by this guy, and so today I photographed him. G put his hand out and the goose almost bit his fingers off. They really aren't the friendliest of animals.

Well we came back for some lunch and a swim. Then Eric took off work early and came home around 2 and took the kids to the beach for the rest of the day, while I napped. 

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Aly Allred said...

Love the Picture of Timmy with the flower. He doesn't look thrilled.

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