October 17, 2010

Day 4: Friday the 15th! Wild Animals

After a fun day at the beach, and a little too much sun for me, I seriously got burnt in all the weirdest spots,  markings on my body kind of remind me of a giraffe, maybe that is what lead me to my idea of what to do on Friday, the Honolulu Zoo.  I love the Honolulu Zoo, probably one of my favorite zoos. 

Just a little background here, our parking garage is tighter than any spots I have seen.  I really am afraid to park the car, because I know I will dink, dent and wreck it. So I have avoided parking it, with having Eric drop us off and pick us up.  Usually we coordinate our trips with picking him up from his warehouse. Anyway, I decided I didn't want to  drive him to work or worry about the car, so we decided we would walk the 1.8 miles to the zoo. 

But since Eric was leaving he dropped us off half way there, and we walked some to the zoo.  We were 1/2 away from the doors opening, so the kids hung across the street playing in a water feature, then in front of the zoo swinging in the trees.  They have the coolest vines hanging from the trees.

Finally it was 9 and we were able to go in and visit our friendly captured Hawaiian animals.  The hit is always the Gibbons, they seem to always put on a good show for us.  The orangutan, brought us a smile when he shook out his blanket and put it over himself.  We saw all the animals get their breakfast, and sat and stared for hours well not hours, watching the tortoises eat, kids amazed they were eating the food that was just under their bottoms. 

The best of the day at the very end, we were standing at the hippos. They were up and about swimming and then dove down. We all were admiring the heads, while Two was down at the other end.  She says, pointing to its bottom "Why is it burping down here?" as bubbles gurgle up to the top, followed by "brown balls".  Some lady was there and she and I just started laughing.

We left the zoo after a couple of hours, then started our walk home. The kids at this point had been walking for more than 3 hours, but were pretty good troopers walking back.  I did have to hoist T-Rex on to my shoulders, but Eric then called and met us towards the end of the strip and brought us home.

It was a TV afternoon for us. I started reading Hunger Games, while we waited for Eric to come home. Around 3:30 we hit the beach, and picnicked and watched the evening Fireworks.  T fell asleep before the fireworks, and slept right through the loud bangs.  We were only about 100 yards from where they let them off, and it was loud.  But he didn't budge, we carried him home asleep and he woke, well stirred when some kids were talking in the hallway, go figure.

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