September 27, 2010

I can only see 4 of your eyes....

Today my Bee and G-Man had some major dental work. Unfortunately they had so much, and our insurance was running out this month, that we decided to go for sedation, that way it could all get done in one fail swoop. I have to say if you are in the Davis, Weber county, Dr. Brad Dawson of Kidz Dental is awesome!  Anyway, Bee went first because she had more to be done, and I figured G-Man wouldn't mind playing play station on an empty stomach.  She did great. She woke up incredibly fast, and other than repetitively asking about what was wrong with her tooth (it had been capped) and an occasionally bugging out and rolling of her eyes, there wasn't anything too funny about her awakening.  
However, my little G-man had me in tears from laughter.  As you can see here, he is wiped out. He'd be like this and then his little head would pop up, his eyes, like those of a deer caught in head lights, and his arm would raise in a hail Hitler, a smiled crossed his face, and in his most slurred and happy voice he said "Hi mom!"  Then he would crash back into this pose. Then his dad walked in, and he did the same thing but then said "hi dad."  Crash.  Well one point after saying hi to me, he looked at me all bugged eyed and said "mom I can only see four of your eyes!"  He was shocked and saddened.  I just wonder how many eyes he normally sees on me.  He went on to count all my noses and then crashed.  Then popped up "hi mom!"  It was so sweet. It was the sweet little voice, of his really early years.  Of all my kids he was always the most excited to see me in the morning, and always greeted me with a "good morning mom, so happy to see you."  Times have changed a little but it was so sweet to hear it.

Well after we came home, we actually spent some quality time as a family.  Eric flew in for the weekend, and was suppose to leave at 11 this morning, but with both kids out, he changed his flight til tomorrow.  The kids sat on Eric's lap and watched videos of g-man after surgery.  And then Eric lay on the floor playing airplane with the kids, and G-Man looked at me and said "I wish it could be like this everyday in our family." 

"what the house a mess?" because I was looking around at the huge mess, that was mostly created by our little Texan Tornado T-Rex.

"house a mess, who cares, no all of us sitting together talking and laughing and just having fun."

I do too.  It saddens me that Eric will be gone now for over 50 days. He was only gone some 20 something days, and it felt like forever.  Makes me wish we had chosen to go with him in the first place, however, things are going well here. Kids are loving school, and have great friends. I have work and am enjoying that.  And soon enough we will all be together, hopefully having more fun moments like tonight.

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