August 01, 2008

Triumphs in the little things

After taking the kids swimming, I went into my bathroom to change out of my wet suit and into some dry clothes. I quickly sat on the potty, trying to avoid wetting on the floor. I had a small audience, T-Rex and Two. While defending the roll of toilet paper from being torn into tiny shreds by T-rex, Two started applauding me. "Yeah mommy go peepee on the potty. Good job mommy."

As I sat there, trying to hurry and worrying about T-rex destroying a roll of paper, concerned a little about having an audience, thinking a little about what I was going to fix for dinner, fretting about the small stuff in life and worrying about all I didn't accomplish today, I was reminded to stop and smell the roses, so to speak. I mean really it is a triumph to be able to sit on a toilet and go.

Sometimes I go through out the day feeling like nothing has been accomplished, but today I have seen through the eyes of a three year old that I do accomplish much. I may not get all the laundry folded, or all the beds made, but......

"Yeah Mommy go potty."


Yvonne said...

Hey, you changed your comment thing--good job. (See what you have accomplished besides peeing ; )

Sheri said...

So funny! I haven't thought of it that way before... even though I too have been congratulated on that very thing!

katharine said...

did you get a sticker or candy? :)

Angela said...

My son does the same thing and it does make you feel good doesn't it.

weryoungs said...

You are such a good Mom! When my kids are in the bathroom while I'm trying to go, I'm always screaming, "privacy, privacy" at them. This gave me a new perspective.

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