August 01, 2008

Fridays+ Monkey Bars= Doctors

This morning after we dropped G-man off at school, the younger three and I went to play on the play scape. As Bee was swinging on the monkey bars, she fell flat on her belly. I heard the smack and saw her laying on the ground. I called to her to see if she was ok, keeping one eye on Timmy on top of the play scape. She hopped up and started crying. Then her legs buckled under her and she fell onto the ground. I called her name and she didn't respond or move. I quickened my pace to her. I bent down and asked if she was ok, to which she didn't respond. I picked her up and carried her little limp body to the bench, all the while I kept asking "Bee are you ok?"

I sat down on the bench with her and asked her again "Bee are you ok." She said "No, my body hurts all over."

I scanned her body and her knee was bleeding but everything seemed pretty ok.

I didn't have my cell phone. So I did the only thing I could think of, go to our doctor's office across the street. I put Bee in the stroller, and Two walked. By the time we got to the office she was "normal." But they saw her right away.

He said she has a stage 3 Concussion and we need to watch her for 48 hours. But that everything right now appeared normal and good.

So I think from now on we are staying off of the monkey bars at least. Just glad they use those super padded floor thingies now.


Yvonne said...

That must have been scary. Hope the 48 hours go quickly.

iggee said...

Yikes!!! I'm glad she's okay. What's the difference between a stage 3 concussion and other stages?

Anonymous said...

no idea :) I think it goes with the fact that she went unconsious (spelling) right away???

Angela said...

ouch a belly flop out of water.

Hope all passes well and quickly

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Hope Bee is doing better. That is always so scary with concussions.

Tonia said...

You're kids sound like mine. We are up to two CAT Scans for Sadie.

weryoungs said...

Avery had a concussion a few months ago. It is scary. Hope she is feeling better!

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