August 23, 2008

The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

I am sure you have heard that saying more than once in your life and associate it with some kind of life lesson. I sure got a life lesson. Yep, my friends today my intentions were good my experience was well you know.

I decide since Eric had to leave for work again at 6 AM, and I was going to have yet another day alone with the kids, that I'd make it fun. If you read my past kids' survey you may understand that my kids kind of think I am no fun, and that all I'd like to do is sleep and don't ever make them laugh. I try.

G-Man has been begging to go to this really cool skate park down the street. Well I thought how about take a walk there, bike around the skate park and come home. After mentioning my great ideas, he wanted to invite a friend. Fine. I like their mom. We called them and decided to meet in the parking garage.

Things are going ok as we wait in the garage, other than G-man not paying attention and almost running into a driving car. Then we saw one of Bee's friends and invite them to join us. So we wait some more for them to get their walking shoes on and bikes. Well we finally all gather together and head out. Not more than 100 yards, Bee's chain breaks. I try to fix it while the clouds decide to cry with her and dump buckets of tears on us.

While getting drenched I tell Bee we can't fix it and that we need to put it back in the garage. But she decides to walk the bike, until I run after her. While my friends try to keep the babies in the stroller dry, the other kids take off to the light. I throw the bike in the garage and we are on our way. Only to have Bee run over by her friend on a bike. And the screams begin. Though the sun had already come out to start to dry and heat us up.

We get to the skate park with only a few crashes and a few more tears, to only find it filled with skaters and a clear sign "NO BICYCLES". So we decide to head to another park that has lots of hills and the kids can create their own skate park. All the kids are on board for this. Well another mile or so we get to this other park. Things are looking great. Kids play. They have fun.

T-Rex is letting us know he is for sure done and tired. I think we all were a little hot and tired and thirsty and hungry. At least I was. We decide to head home. I am not sure what happened but I think almost every child had a melt down. Bee who had to walk was in and out of the stroller, G-Man and his friend kept riding ahead. The other kids were just having a rough time at riding.

But then the fit of all fits hit. I should have known because Bee likes to do that when she is tired and thirsty. She calls me over to see something. I tell her to just keep walking. Cuz I am tired. Then she ask me to come and see again. So to appease her I head back a half block to see. There was some smooshed fruit on the ground. I tell her what it is and say lets get going. She stops, arches her back and starts screaming because she wants one of the fruits from the tree. I tell her no and tell her we need to get home. Well that didn't fly in her little 5 year old mind, oh no. She comes running up behind me screaming, as I keep walking. Then WHAPPP! SMACK on my back with a huge stick, the welt is still there to prove it. I turn around grab her arm and say "you little brat." I know not the choicest of words but better than others I could have used. I grab her stick, throw it in the bushes, and tell her to never to do that again.

I am sure the cars on the road, and my friend with me for that matter, think I am beating her or something. But I just got up and walked away and she came running after me screaming, trying to get in the stroller. I was told by her pediatrician to ignore her screaming fits. So I said, I guess that is not ignoring her, that if she wants something she needs to tell me in a calm voice and I keep strolling. Well she attempts to get in the stroller, and I am not stopping for her fits. So she gets knocked over by the stroller and the screaming only gets louder. I check to see if she is ok and continue on my way.

Anyway she pretty much screams the whole way home. Once we get home she falls asleep on the couch.

Once home everyone cools down, naps a bit, and I think lets try another outing. So we go to pick up some Burger King and head to the beach park for a picnic. Nothing too tragic or exciting happens there, other than after saying "don't get in the water" everyone leaves wet and sandy... oh well what can I expect.

We pile in the car and I think they are behaving well. They are well fed. I can get in and out of the store real quick to pick up a few things. Ok I was wrong. I think each and everyone well not T-Rex told me I was a mean mom after I told them to put things away. Mind you they were given the "don't even ask me for anything" speech several times. At one point when Bee turned on the eye faucets I put my hands up and said "Lets just leave." Which was followed by "Oks we'll put them back." But I think it was because everyone in the store was standing and staring at the crazy lady and all her kids, not because they really thought I would just leave my cart there. I really did need the things. At this point even T-Rex was trying to climb out of the cart and screaming, he and Bee make such sweet loud harmony.

I leave the store, kids crying. Me almost in tears. And as I was getting them all strapped in the car, a nice older lady says in all her kindness. "I sure don't envy you. I thought my two were bad. I couldn't even imagine having four." I assure her that it is "wonderful", over all the screams and attempts to get out of the car seats were happening in the back ground.

Yeah so here I am in what I like to call my own personal little Hell, well at least my intentions were good. Oh and I am not the only one here, Bee has assured me that life is really miserable and no one loves her. So yeah I think we have made it to hell.


Yvonne said...

That sounds like a day to forget--not remember. Sorry, Tomorrow is a new day.

iggee said...

ugh! I am so sorry that you had a day like that. I had one of those on Monday. Nothing went well and Lucy screamed for the entire day. I hope you get some rest tonight and have a better start tomorrow.

Spar-Mar Girl said...

I hope you feel comforted to know that has been my existence for the past 4 months. I don't think a single day has gone by that Paige and Reagan have said those same things to me.

I wish had some words of advice for you. If I were closer I would be crying with you and let our kids think about us like that together!

Here's to tomorrow being better.....

katharine said...

sorry you had such a bum day. at least now you'll be able to talk about 'to hell and back'.

love the new look of your blog :)

Becky said...

Don't worry, i'm sure every parent has been through this one. lol. I know that my mom likes to tell me what I used to do. One day, they'll realize that the things they say are mean. (not very comforting now, but...) You are a great parent..it's a stage kids go through.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy have I been there, I always tell my kids, that's it I am never bringing you to the store again!!
I have to remind myself that these sort of days will soon pass as they get a little older.
Your friend,

Charly said...

Ok, first of all, LOVING the 'blog-hoodies' comment feature. I want blog hoodies! Haha.

Next, I have had days like this (granted, only with two kids) so I DEFINITELY feel your pain...your hell! It still was a VERY funny blog to read. I hope you are able to look at it and laugh...someday if not yet. Haha. Maybe when you no longer have a welt on your posterior.

Marci said...

i think leaving half of your stuff in storage a world away really shakes up your family more than you realize. i didn't realize how much stablity rachel's toys and books brought her until she got them back. hang in there.... its rough be living in a world that really isn't yours. give your kids extra hugs and give your self a nice spa day.

Tonia said...

This day is sounding eerily familiar....My comment from the old lady tends to be about me having four girls though; plus if it is in the middle of a school day it is because they are homeschooled.

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