August 02, 2008

Move your Head

This is usually a task I am able to do.

For example:

Move your head-
  • I can't see the TV
  • I can't see out the passenger side window
  • left to right (either at a doctors office or stretching in areobics)
  • off my pillow
  • off my shoulder
  • a little closer so I can kiss you

You know those kind of requests are easy for me to do.

But yesterday as I was giving Two a ride on my shoulders as we were walking home for school, she said:

"My tummy hurt, Mommy Move your head." followed by a tugging to stretch my head upwards and out of the way. After much convincing that my head wasn't going anywhere, she stopped trying to move it out of the way. Sorry Mommy is not a turtle or a super stretchy hero!


Angela said...

It is a good thing mommy's head can not be taken off because if it could I would have lost mine by now

Yvonne said...

Little kids think mom's head can do anything because after all MOM can do anything, right???

Tonya said...

I love the way kids think. It's in the way so why not move it..LOL too funny.

Anonymous said...

Just caught upon your blog. Still think you should write a book someday. "Days in the life of a mom." Something catchier maybe. Thank goodness the park was near your doctors. That was a scarey moment! Hope you are still catching lots of rays, and possibly my tan! Julie

hjackson said...

You're not a super stretchy hero maybe but you're probably some other type of hero to your kids. For instance, my 3 year old called me Spiderman after riding up a steep hill on my bike...

Jocelyn said...

You have such a wonderful and fun family! :)

I will email you regarding a review opportunity for Hip Mama's Place.

Thanks and best,
Jocelyn @ www.hipmamasplace.com

weryoungs said...

Ha ha!

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