August 15, 2008

What Happens While I Blog and the Kids Don't have School!

Ice gets put in a bucket, spilling ice and water all over the floor, then dumped and swept off the back patio.
(the ice dumping in the bucket caught my attention to the messes going on.)

Toys dumped all over their room as they search for the perfect thing to play with.
I mean come on isn't the TV enough for entertainment these days?
T-Rex decides Pretzels make a great dance floor or something! And since T-Rex did the mess "all by himself" I am amazed at how my little one year old climbed on top of the kitchen counter and climbed to a top shelf pulled the pretzels out , crossed the kitchen floor, carrying that whole Costco sized bag all by himself and made it with out spilling it until in front of the TV. Amazing, truly amazing.
Come on who did it?
"Not me"
So I guess T-rex is really a climber.
Baby Olympics here he comes.

Two thinks its great to help him dump the rest of the bag, I mean who wouldn't! Especially when there is a photo opp! She even stops to say "Cheese" for the picture.

G-man builds a fort behind the couches, can't really see it but the blankets connect the two couches leaving a little fort area to hide behind and dump more toys.
So who is ready to help clean up??
"It's not my fault."
"I didn't do it."
Well everyone gets to clean up no one's messes!
Care to join us??
You get to go swimming after it is all done.


Melissa said...

It is amazing how quickly and quietly children can work their magic when they put their mind to it.

Angela said...

It is crazy how noone ever makes the messes

weryoungs said...

Oh my gosh, too funny!

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