August 26, 2008

Fisher of Men

So today while I was busy doing something, I hear little T-Rex screaming. He had been on the balcony (lanai) for a few minutes. When I went into the kitchen I was met by T-rex with a fishing hook-still on the pole- in his pants. There he sat on the floor crying, and attempting to get it off of his pants.

For a few moments I tried working the hook out, with his shorts still on, when I realized I should just take his shorts off. Yeah I don't think too quickly on my feet. Once I released him from his pants. He stopped crying.

I worked pretty hard to remove the hook out of his pants, but was having a hard time because it kept pulling the pole. Then, again not so quick on my feet, I cut the line, releasing the hook from the pole. Then with a little more wiggle room with the hook, I got it out of his shorts with out too many holes in his pants.

How do you fishers take those hooks out of those fishes' mouths?

And how do fish get away???

Anyway then I decided to take the pole back to the porch and "hide" it again. But the pole was tangled in one of our beach mat's edging, which I spent some time trying to untangle from the pole. Until again, I know I am slow, call me a little absentminded, I cut the fringe off of the mat, to release the mat, and then was able to untangle the pole from the mat stuff. Once it was off the pole, I then was able to pull it (the mat) from its entanglement with the boogie board, that was suppose to be hiding all the stuff.

I wish I had a picture. But again, I was a little concerned about unhooking my little guy.

What I want to know was how did it all get tied up and tangled together??

How did he do it?


Tonya said...

I have no idea how they get away. Maybe it's because they are slimy. Fish hooks are awful to get out. I'm glad it didn't get his skin.

Cheryl Anne said...

wow kids are amazing little magicians.

Yvonne said...

I don't have a clue how to get fish hooks out. Like tonya, I'm glad it didn't get his skin.

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