August 24, 2008

What do you Remember about me?

So several of my friends have done this on their blog and I am feeling a need of some nostalgia..so indulge me please!!
(that means leave a comment, I know you are here reading,
and I have seen you comment on other friends blogs, so please...I am asking nicely)
So here is what you do it really is simple, and takes but a moment of time.
Leave a comment about a memory of me...yeah anything you remember about me.
That's all nothing fancy.
Even if you are a virtual friend, there has got to be some reason you come back here for more :)
And if you do a similar post on your blog I will return the favor.
So simple.
Comment with a memory or two or really as many as you want.


Melinda said...

After I had Nat, you brought over dinner for us and remembered that Cam had his wisdom teeth out- so you brought this huge case of jello for him to eat. I remembering thinking at the time: "Oh Wow! How incredibly thoughtful for her to bring something just for him!!!" He was traveling at 100% and already had the week off for Nat's birth, so he went ahead and had all 4 teeth removed at once. It was insane, but made so much easier because of your thoughtfulness. Thanks Friend!!!

Adam Ford said...

I remember coming back from my mission and you had catalogued and scrapbooked all of my pictures from freshman year. That was nice.

I am done.

Mandy likes that memory too.

Spar-Mar Girl said...

Yeah, so I had my memory first, but Adam got to type first. Just remember that.

I remember when Adam and I got married and you weren't able to make it-we were so sad. But Eric brought our reception to you and took lots of pictures. Then you made a scrapbook of when we were dating and of our wedding for us. I love it!! I still look through it from time to time.

Anonymous said...

So I'm not playing the memory game, but I do want to tell you that the picture in your header is so awesome. I loved Waimea Falls and the North Shore is my FAVORITEST. Also if you get a chance you should try this place called the Shrimp Shack on the North Shore, it's basically the most delicious roadside food stand ever. Also, send me a pineapple. :)

katharine said...

-book club meetings that often turned into more of a 'girls night out' or parties of one kind or another (i.e. surprise baby shower!)
-vt visits that often turned into many-hour-long playdates
-re-starting up our blogs together
-you as a santa's helper, helping out with stockings when i was way too pregnant, and then bringing dinner a week later when i was no longer pregnant!

McCulloch Family said...

Hmmm.... IM fun together while you were on bedrest...Kawaii Ice together (yum) and you driving all the way up here to see me every month when we scrapped together.. even if you didn't scrap, you'd still drive all the way up here to hang out with me. You always so thoughtful of everyone around you.

Anonymous said...

Corrine you are so thoughtful and kind, and think of you as a woman who has a great deal of manners. You remind me of the way my Grandma was, your creative, smart, crafty and cute. I hope you move back!

Aly Allred said...

The time where I threw up all over you in your bed in San Jose and managed to not get a single drop on me! Or all the times we walked down Bear Creek Road. Or the time Kate and I visisted you at BYU-H and all we ate for 4 days was P&J sandwhiches. Or the night of my car accident, the first thing you said to me was how bad my breath was or how you spent all day with me in the hospital the very next day and didn't complain once about how bad I stunk! :)

Sheri said...

Singing from Texas to Arizona and back! The car keys stuck down your g's at the rest stop!!LOL! Then of course the pool fun! or how about trying to rescue books and stuff from the sudden 4th of July down pour!
Something that links most of my memories with you is the laughter! No matter what we are talking about you can always make me laugh! That's why I want you guys to move to Utah! I need someone to laugh about life with - not just long distance!!
Thanks for the award! I have no idea how to link things, so you will have to tell me! The pay it forward idea is a good one! I think I will do it!
By the way... just for the record, I believe youa re out voted by at least 1 - I am the meanest mom in the world!! Hang in there friend and know that you are missed and thought of often!

Anonymous said...

I have NEVER posted a comment on a blog - and I'm not even sure if I'm doing it correctly. So I'll keep it short. Plus I have a baby on my lap! I love your blog. I love your honesty. I love the way you describe life as a mom with truth and humor. You make me feel like I am not alone. Great job!


The Thorley Family said...

I always loved that I could come over to your house and just hang out... not actually do anything, just talk and laugh and commiserate about life.

hjackson said...

I don't have just one memory of you, but my overall memory back at BYU-HI is how I remember how fun and upbeat you always were. It was always so much fun being around you. Amazing how you haven't changed much. You're fun to be around and your blog is so down to earth and funny!

Tonia said...

When you were pregnant and bed ridden and we all came to visit. I'm glad it all worked out! Funny enough I remember the first time I met you. It was in the hallway outside of nursery and I had thrown on some clothes for church with no makeup that Sunday and you looked incredibly put together.

TexasBoy said...

No matter what life throws at you, you are always a trooper and willing to take on new adventures. You also have a very cute smile that lights up any room you enter.

Melissa said...

Well, of course, there was the day we built the entertainment center. Swimming, walking, the gym!! The gym...those were some good days. I need to go back.

Julie said...

I remember when I first moved in even though you didn't know me you took pity on me and brought me to your sisters house. Before you showed up I'm sure I was crying from fear, loneliness, change, all that crud.....

Also remember staying up forever changing the words to "Cross My Heart." How did that even get started?

Especially remember you always being there when I needed a listening ear! Your the best friend a girl could have!

Love ya,

Julie :)

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