August 09, 2008

Just a Few FYI's


If your one year old has your cell phone (or as I have been corrected lately-mobile phone), enjoys playing in the toilet, every chance there is a bathroom door left open, and runs away from you headed for the before mentioned room, be prepared with a blow dryer to try to save your battery.

If you have a potty training 3 year old, that you are sure will still be in diapers when you send her off to college, don't be surprised when she looks up at you and says "I peed" while standing on the carpet and you ask her "Where do we go potty?" and she answers "In the 'baffroom.'" She most likely is a big believer in "do as I say not as I do."

If you are tired of the way your hair is growing out, it might be better to pay a hairstylist some money to cut your hair, rather than cut it yourself, and end up in the salon paying for a fix. (Not that I have paid anyone to "fix" it YET.)

If you have a bad day with your kids, you are tired and eat dinner with your family and say "I'm done. I am going to bed." remember it doesn't translate to "I have had a hard day, I have already changed three blow outs, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher. I made dinner, spent three hours doing homework that should have taken ten minutes. I already cleaned the house, but after friends coming over, kids just living I don't feel like cleaning up anymore and would love to just wake up to a clean house. I know dinner was not the best, but I made it, set the table and fed y'all can you please clean up the kitchen. I am going to go get the rest I need because the kids will be up all night playing musical beds and I need a few hours head start. So could you please help with the rest of the chores so I can wake up to a fresh start."

If your son in second grade complains that the light is bothering his eyes, that things are always bouncing and that the words on his papers move around, it might be best to take him to an eye doctor who says "His vision came up so bad, I want to wait thirty minutes and test him again, to confirm what we found." You may find that he has poor vision and not just enjoys driving you crazy with not wanting to read or work on his homework. Doing his work must be like watching a broken TV with the picture fragmented and cycling through.

If you fear that your daughter who dropped out of preschool will never attend school and always want to stay home with you, especially when she says to you the day before school starts "Maybe I should just stay home one more year so I can spend more time with you," give her a shot at going to kindergarten with a neighbor. She will go more easily with her dropping her off than you dropping her off. And find out that she really enjoys school.


weryoungs said...

Corinne, You are so hilarious. I love reading your blog. I can relate to so many of these things. I just couldn't have put it so brilliantly!!

Sheri said...

I love how you make the mundane thing sof life sound so funny!! We've al been there friend... hang in there!!

Angela said...

Yes the moments keep living by the moments

katharine said...

sounds like you are figuring out how to deal with things :)

Ruth said...

I thought I had the only 3 year old who will be wearing diapers FOREVER!!

Sheri said...

Love your new blog background!

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