August 06, 2008

Stuffed Puppies!

Bee, G-Man and Two have been begging and begging me to get them a dog. I understand their pleas. I loved my dogs growing up Snuffy and Tawny. But the timing is all wrong right now.

I have been able to avoid getting them a dog. When we were in Texas the conversations went like this:

"Mom can we get a dog. PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSE!"
"No we can't right now because we are moving."
"Please we will walk him, and give him food."
"I know you would take great care of him but right now isn't a good time, with the move and all."

And now that we live in the dog capital of the world. Seriously folks. When I take the kids for walks, usually someone with another stroller will comment "oh how cute." And I reply back "OH your's too. How Old?" Well in our neighborhood it is a different story.

As we walk by on every corner there are a couple of people with a couple of dogs on leashes. And their conversations are:

"Oh how is Fiddo?"

"Just great. He did spend an hour at the Dog Spa yesterday for a much needed TLC."

"Yeah Fluffy, really needed a trim, so we went in this afternoon."

All the while the dogs are sniffing each other. While my kids stand there interrupting this exchange of conversation with a

"Please can I pet your dog."

Most will let them fill their need of dog loving, but others will totally ignore my cute two legged pets. I'd really love to get them a four legged pet sometime, but I have a hard enough time keeping my four two legged creatures alive, fed and groomed. Plus our renters agreement, my allergies....


Today in my email box was my feed from Five Minutes for Moms, and it it was this post for a set of Free life size stuffed dogs! And I am so wanting them. I really really would love them for my kids. I'd buy them leashes and we'd take them for walks, so they could truly fit in in our neighborhood. And I know for sure they won't ask me for a real dog for awhile.

And maybe one day when we have a yard again, they can have one. Maybe because after all I am allergic to the real thing...one more reason for me to win this drawing.

You should clink on the link if you haven't already, and maybe you want them for yourselves, but maybe just maybe you could leave a comment fighting for my poor petless kids!


Corrine said...

I just realized I'd have to change my blog to read 4 kids 3 Plush Puppies...Kind of Catchy don't you think??

Yvonne said...

Cute idea--my kids always wanted a puppy. I guess I'm the meanest mom in the world because they never had one.

Sheri said...

I know where you can get a real one cheap!! Of course you have to move to Utah! Good Luck! I wish I would have had the brains to just say no!!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

We almost got a dog a few months ago, but Jason could tell that I really don't want one. Mollie so wants one and I feel bad for her, but isn't 4 kids and a husband enough. She will just have to enjoy her fish.

Tonya said...

I hope you win them. I finally broke down after 14 years of marriage and now we have cute little Lexie. She's a doll but tons of work.

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Your blog title is so funny!!! You just couldn't change it.

Thanks for entering our contest.

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