August 15, 2008

I Love my...

new hand held Cuisinart Mixer!

It is awesome. I love it most because it makes my morning shakes (FIXX) so thick and rich and creamy. Reminds me of a yummy Frosty from Wendy's, seriously.

When I wake up I put 8 oz of skim milk in its handy cup, add 1/4 frozen banana, handful of blueberries, some ice and of course FIXX mix, and blend away until I have the most delicious thick shake, that keeps me full til lunch.

The great thing is FIXX has many awesome ingredients, like spinach, pineapple, watermelon, lime cherry, pear, mango, strawberry, celery, parsley, cucumber...ok maybe all those fruits and vegetables sound scary but really this shake is loaded with tons of vitamins and minerals and natural fruits and veggies. Plus any Weight Watcher users out there it is only 2 points (i heard somewhere). FIXX really is the best shake/meal replacement I have tried.

(I even made my kids their own shake this morning using NesQuick and the FIXX was tastier in my humble opinion)

Anyway I decided that one of you should have one.

It is simple really.

**Go to MyO3world and sign up- membership is free for those who decide to purchase. You can become a distributor or a customer. As a distributor you get the opportunity to purchase your weight loss/ or weight maintenance products at whole sale, with the opportunity to make money selling if you want to.

(if you have already signed up, just make your first purchase
and then let me know with a quick comment.)

Come back here and leave a comment letting me know that you signed up and/or ordered.

**Or if you are wary about purchasing with out trying it, leave a comment letting me know you are interested in trying it, and then email me with your mailing address and I will send you a sample of FIXX- the shake to try out.

Then On AUGUST 30
I will pick one lucky commenter who has tried FIXX in one way or another.

**Get your name entered in again by inviting a friend or two!
Each friend of yours that tries it, leave another comment, giving you more chances to win.

To learn more about any of the products and about My O3 world go to my site http://4760519.myo3world.com/
Please if you have any questions email me at corrinesim at yahoo dot com


TexasBoy said...

Looks better than the Jamba juice I had.

Martino Family said...

I love my hand mixer too!! I orginally got it as a wedding gift, one of those things NOT on my registry that at first annoyed me, but this helps me make the smoothest mashed potatoes, homemade baby food, and shakes, like you said. With our nutrtion revolution in our home, I have made Quentin alternative drinks since we cut out PediaSure and dairy. To give him eggs as brain food, I soft boiled egg yolks and mixed them into his milk shake/drink and he never knew....can you believe it? All thanks to that hand blender. I just used it this morning to make a peach/coconut milk shake. Yummy!

weryoungs said...

I seriously gotta get one of these!

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