August 28, 2008

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Seems like G-Man has been front page lately but well he is kind of like that.

This morning we were eating breakfast and he was getting his daily reading in. Well I asked him some questions and his answers were as general as "because he is nice." And then I asked him if he even read it. And he says to me "Mom I did, but my brain is so full of knowledge from Texas I just don't have room for all this new information. My memory can't hold anymore information." I wonder if this is something he would say to his teacher??

Then just a few moments ago I said "I better got check on T-Rex he has been asleep for awhile." G-man pipes in "What if he is dead? He could be." I am like thanks! Nice thought. Geez!

Tuesday night he asked me if he could rearrange his room, he gets this gene from me. I told him not tonight. Then he mentioned he had already moved his bed and would like to put it under the window. To which I replied "No you can't put it under the window, one of you could be knocked out of it, and fall to the ground and die." (so maybe the dead idea came from me.) He goes back to his room and then comes running back to me.

"I can't sleep in my room, I am afraid I will jump on my bed, and then jump out the window and die."

"Is your bed by the window?"


"You should be ok. Just don't jump out the window."

"Okay. But now that you said it, I am afraid.

"Sorry. I love you go to sleep."


Sheri said...

That's classic and very funny!!

Yvonne said...

He sounds like such a sweet, sensitive little guy.

Angela said...

Yeah maybe you shouldn't have said anything.
As soon as my son hears something he gets it in his head that is what I need or what I will do.

Kids are sometimes too much


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