July 06, 2008

You know you should go to church when...

  • the fire alarm goes off at 3:45 AM for fifteen minutes, waking the family up, well most of the family, good thing it wasn't a real fire alarm.
  • The fire alarm goes off again at 4:55 am just as you finally lay back down again.
  • You wake up feeling like you really just want to stay home.
  • Your kids won't put their church clothes on.
  • They spill cereal all over the floor just before you walk out, having the urge to vacuum but can't be late.
  • Your daughter has been asked to give the scripture in primary.
  • Your children have been up since the first ear pieciing high pitched alarm went off.
  • You get to church, everyone goes to class and your first lesson is well enjoyed.
  • You spend Sunday School in the halls with a crying baby.
  • Someone sees you hushing a baby and asks if you are ok, when you are already asking yourself, "why am I even here?"
  • You sit down in sacrament meeting and lay a finally sleeping baby on the pew and think to yourself this isn't going to be so bad.
  • Your three year old pushes your sleeping baby almost on to the floor waking him making him cry.
  • Your seven year old eats all the snacks, causing the others to cry.
  • Your three year old, spills the sacrament water cups, and throws one accross the aisle.
  • Your seven year old, won't sit still, laying down on the pew, kicking his sisters.
  • Your five year old starts screaming and crying because she wants to get out to go get some water.
  • Your baby starts crying again because you won't let him crawl over the pew.
  • Your husband looks at you like what are you doing here.
  • You leave for the second time with a child to the foyer.
  • You leave again with another child, and are followed by other children out.
  • Everyone is sitting down coloring and then one calls another one a dummy head out loud because who knows what.
  • Your three year old starts spitting on her dad, telling him "no." for who knows what reason.
  • Your five year old wants a snack, and you don't have one, and she throws a huge fit.
  • You take out a three year old because she was spitting on her dad.
  • You leave a one year old on the pew with rest of family who starts screaming because "mom left the building."
  • You come back to get the baby to be followed out by two others.
  • You sit in the hall, and the older sisters at church give you the look and smiles and say "oh what a sweet family you have. I remember those days. Don't know how I survived it."

But you know we went, not sure we learned, but do know that we were suppose to be there. I feel sorry for those around us who wanted to attend church and not the circus.


Tonya said...

The fact that you went at all gets you some major blessing points. Days like that you don't get much out of it but you are there and that is all that counts. You did a great job handling all of that.

Corrine said...

i am not sure how great of a job we did handling it..they had to spend an hour in their room for quiet time.

Sheri said...

Only an hour?! I think I wuld have got home and thrown away the key on my way out to the beach!!
Everyone assures me that I will look back on these days with fondness! Just a thought... I stopped bringing any snacks or 'toys' to church and things are sooooo much better. The boys have to sit and listen, they may read the friend or an HM book if I hve them. The girls cna color on a blank sheet of paper if I have it, which I didn't yesterday... but honestly, things ar so much better now. Brie gives us a little touble when she is tired, but over all, I would never go back to the 'circus' as you so rightly termed it!!
Sorry about your nephew. It's wierd how those things hit us out of the blue and how other times you accept it. You just never know! So as you are so good at doing... love them while you have them!
Love ya!

Bia said...

We have had church moments like that many, many times. And even though it sometimes made me feel bad that I couldn't concentrate because I was dealing with toddler issues, I think God understands and we receive special graces. I am confindent that He is very sympathetic to Moms!

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