July 06, 2008

202nd post, with 202 of my favorite memories

Yeah no not going to do that to you poor poor people. Instead I will post a few of my favorite pics from the past few weeks.
Our favorite new toy, a back pack to carry T-rex in, he seems to like it a lot. G-man at Kahala Beach, no he didn't lose his leg, just the broken arm still. "Oh No what happened to me? " G-man at Chic Fil A, I have never laughed so hard. Oh my look at B's nose! Again I laughed so hard looking in this mirror. We also signed our lease for our Hawaii place this day. Our little Two turning three, isn't she just so stinking cute? Eric and his girls walking on the beach. "look Mom an Octopus, but he is missing some legs and ummm I think he is dead." " It sure was a fun day but I think I might be a little sleepy." This pic of T-rex has surfer boy written all over it. Two is just really enjoying the waves hitting her. Look at her perfect little smile, a hard one to capture on film even though she is always smiling.


Sheila said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures. You have an adorable family.

JustRandi said...

What a fun time you are having there!
I can't believe how your kids are growing.
Thanks for your nice comments on my blog! You're amazing, Corrine.

Alexa said...

Your kids are so stinking cute. :)

Beth said...

awwww... I miss Emily's smile!!

merathon said...

glad you posted on my blog so that i could find YOURS again! for some reason, i didn't have it on my list. i just spent a long time catching up with what you've been up to and had NO IDEA you guys were in HAWAII! wow! can i say JEALOUS??? what will you do after the 6 months are up?

pecas said...

Those are the cutest picture. I can tell you are enjoying being in Hawaii!
take care

katharine said...

i love the new backpack carrier, i need to find something like that.
the last picture of emily is totally priceless - good one to blow up and hang on the wall :)

Yvonne said...

Great pics. Such a beautiful place to live--I don't know how you can get anything done with all that beauty. Yes, your kids are so stinkin cute.

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