July 20, 2008

Amount of Sand=Fun at the Beach

So last night as I lay in bed, scratching out sand in my hair, I came to the conclusion that it isn't a good beach day if after showering off at the beach, showering off at the pool, swimming in the pool and showering once you get home, you don't still have sand in your hair and on your person somewhere.

Yesterday after our nightmare car shopping experience, we hit the beach with the kids. The trade winds are up causing the surf to be a little rough and the water to be a bit churned with sand and other debree (can't seem to spell the word right.)

We lathered up and hit the beach. Eric and I took turns taking the kids into the water. Don't know how much you know about surf, because honestly I don't know much, but the waves were breaking right on the sand, crashing their mighty whites quickly down and rushing back to sea. So once you got out of the crash you were in "calmer" waters, bringing at sometimes 10-15 swells. I held a child (with a life jacket on- amazing how it helped me tread during the swells where I could no longer touch) and we would bob up and down.

Every once in awhile I would get the crazy idea to ride the swells in. Mind you as I mentioned earlier they were crashing right on the shore and rushing back out, not making it a very easy ride in, because basically you just hit flat on the sand once the wave crashed. So I had B in her jacket and we were riding a swell in, when it just smashed us on the sand, and following it must have been its bestest wave friend, because it smashed on top of us, and B held tightly on me, riding me like a surf board on to the shore. We both giggled, but couldn't see through the sand in our eyes and hair that covered our faces. And not to mention the sand that crept into every little crevice possible. I mentioned to her that we needed to go back out to "rinse" off.

We were able to rinse relatively well. And at this point I was a little done. But G-man wanted me to take him. I did, and something similar happened, though this time we took G-man's boogie board in so we road that in crashing on the sand.

But despite the hard hits, we had a blast and we kept going back for more, being a little more careful about our transition from swells to land.

And this morning as I cleaned my ears, pulling more sand than anything else, I smiled and thought "Man that was fun."


Tonya said...

Sounds so wonderful. I would love to go to a beach where the water was actually warm enough to swim in. Very nice.

Beth said...

When I read this I immediately thought, those are memories in the making!

It sounds so beautiful in Hawaii.

Aly Allred said...

I am so glad that you are having fun there. I surely would love to see Hawaii again. We looked at tickets yesterday- $650+ Ouch!!! We surely wish we could be there to enjoy it with you. I know I need a break from Utah, desperately.

Sheri said...

Wow... brings back far distant memories!! I hope youa re enjoying your time there! Wish we could join you even for a week!! Oh well!
Sounds like a busy week! I'm heading into a couple of my own crazy weeks!!
Talk to ya later!

Yvonne said...

I have not seen the waves like they were when we were there a few weeks ago--it was wonderful. I have a real respect/fear of the ocean. Loved every minute of it.

Angela said...

Sounds like some great fun. I would say the sand was well worth it.


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