July 26, 2008

Tag from my sister Aly

4 Places I visit over and over.
1. The swimming pool: the kids don't know that I take them there for me more than them.
2. Costco: our most convenient grocery store
3. The Park: got to get a back yard but not complaining too much
4. UMMM....I don't go anywhere much.

4 People who call/Text/Email me regularly
2. Mom
3. Dad
4. ummm...again things haven't been ringing much lately HINT :)

4 Favorite food
1. Pizza
2. chicken enchilada with deluxe green tomatillo sauce from Chuys...oh I miss good tex mex
3. A good steak-Aly
4. Hamburger and French fries-good 'ol American girl

4 Places I'd rather be
1. Hawaii-visiting my sister (that was my sister, and I'd rather have her visiting me here too)
2. Asleep in my bed with out kids ( its a little after two am)
3. Most days just at home, I like going out but some days I don't want to fill the "where are we going what are we doing today" order.
4. In a small European town with Eric walking down the cool cobble stone streets admiring the century old buildings.

4 Movies I'd watch over and over
1. Steel magnolias
2. My Girl
3. Girls just want to have fun
4. While you were sleeping

4 Bands/Groups I love to listen to...
1. Lone Star
2. Erasure
3. A good country radio station
4. I don't listen to much anymore, but I love that bubbly song by Kolby Collet?? Don't know how to spell her name.

The 4 People I am tagging are....
Any one who would like to do this because it is too late, or too early I should say to even think straight. But if I were to assign I'd say
1. Katherine
2. Tonya
3. Yvonne
4. Sheri


Sheri said...

I love your family pic below! Your pose just makes me smile!!

katharine said...

i'll think about it, don't have answers to most of those questions myself :)

Yvonne said...

Oh, I have a bunch of tags to do, so we'll see ; )

I love Steel Magnolias and While You Were Sleeping.

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