July 28, 2008

Facebook vs MySpace

As one friend of mine commented I am a computer junky, I love email. I enjoy chatting. I have a Myspace account which I never ever use anymore, and well a Facebook account, that until recently I rarely used. I still don't use it as much, though this morning I have spent time chatting with my brother and friend Melissa.

However, even though I don't really go to myspace I kind of like the layout of it a little better. Not sure why. And really not sure why I am posting about this.

I do think however it has been much easier to find friends on facebook and have found a lot of friends as of recent.

It just seems that I didn't have as many friends on myspace. So is Facebook more an older person version of Myspace? Did Myspace get the rap of being an unsafe place? Is it a fad? Or is it I haven't logged in to Myspace for several months and all y'all are waiting for my friend approval?

Oh such a random thought mess, to post or not to post? What the heck why not. And hey if you are on facebook let me know!

Back in Austin Facebook was the way we got our sitter to babysit, easier to catch them there than on the phone!


Becky said...

haha..I think that it is that myspace is kind of the younger version, I actually like facebook a lot better, they are changing myspace to be a lot more like facebook. lol.

hjackson said...

Facebook is better all around. It's cleaner looking, more upscale too it seems. I think (not to be rude) but there's a higher caliber of people on Facebook. Uh oh, did I say that? A lot of kids are on Myspace too so it's a little different in that aspect. Anyway, that's the feel I get from the two. Kinda says something when Myspace is using a bunch of facebook features now... but our Bishop said to watch out for Myspace cause it's one of those things you'll look back on and wish you had never gotten involved. The whole hindsight thing, you know?

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