July 26, 2008

Form and Fixx: The Skinny Pill

Are you interested in a skinny pill that really works? Would it benefit your life to know of a pill that simply fills up your stomach so your desire to eat LESSENS? Would it benefit your life to know that this pill is made of ALL NATURAL SUBSTANCES and has no stimulants or harmful substances? Would it benefit your life to lose weight and GET HEALTHY?

Not to fill my personal blog about the new Skinny Pill and shakes, but I just wanted to let you know that I do have some samples if you are interested in trying them out. Also my friend Heather started a blog, with a lot of information on the products, click here to learn more. And if you decide to sign up (as either a customer or a distributor they are the same, depending on how you want to go about it.) click here, or http://4760519.myo3world.com to join my team. The blog link joins my friend Heather, not that I mind her getting y'all but I'd love to have you with me. Thanks :)

If you sign up by the end of July the year membership is free, and you can buy the product at wholesale.

Please take a look at the blog to find out some more of the amazing facts about Form and Fixx, and I have to say Fixx shakes are amazingly packed with lots of good for you things, like spinach and other fruits and veggies.

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Sheri said...

So are you signed up? How do I sign up under you? Also, I am mainly interested in the fixx... I am not good at taking pills before a meal - I always forget! How much is it all?

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