July 30, 2008

Happy Wedding Day to me!

Ok so its our Anniversary, nine whole years! Crazy how fast the time has gone. I know I probably should write some gushing love sappy piece about my wonderful husband whom I adore, the amazing father of my children, my best friend. But for some reason my mind has been just racing over all that has happened in the last nine years. So Honey I love you! Look at all that we have accomplished since we were married:


  • Eric graduated with his MBA.

  • I got my first full time teaching job.

  • Duh we got married!


  • Eric got his MIS.

  • I had surgery.

  • Found out we were pregnant with first baby

  • Moved to Austin

  • Eric got his first post graduate real job at Norwood.


  • G-man was born

  • purchased, well start the process of building our first home.

  • Traveled a lot to Florida to visit my parents.

  • Lost both my grandfather and Eric's grandfather.


  • Moved into our first home.

  • Found out was pregnant with second child.

  • Lost Eric's other grandfather


  • Bee was born.

  • Eric started working in San Antonio

  • I started selling Creative Memories and got into scrapbooking.


  • Eric started working in Indianapolis, and then half way through the year stopped working for Norwood.

  • Found out we were pregnant with number 3.

  • Eric started working independently


  • Two was born.

  • Eric started working for Hart

  • I was introduced to Heritage Makers and switched from traditional to digital scrapbooking.

  • Eric's grandmother passed away.

  • Eric's parents went on a mission.

  • My parents moved to Utah, leaving us with out a place to go vacation to.


  • G-man started Kindergarten

  • Eric traveled all the time, including many trips to Hawaii

  • Found out we were pregnant with number four.


  • Had T-rex.

  • I got really sick.

  • In laws came home from their mission.


  • Sold our first home, for exactly what we bought it for six years ago, crazy market.
  • I lost my grandmother.

  • Moved to Hawaii

  • Bee started kindergarten

  • Found out we were pregnant with number five.

JUST KIDDING on the number five thing! Just seemed like I had a pattern going on :)

It has been a wonderful nine years and I look forward to many more and all the many things that will happen. I know there are a lot of gaps in my time line, especially because my mind is not fully functioning with a screaming child on my lap.


Sheri said...

okay... you had me with the #5!! What a great memory you have... I don;t knwo if I could recap the past 14 years that well!! Happy Anniversary! What a great place to be celebrating!
Love you guys!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

You got me as well. I was excited and jealous at the same time because I wanted a #5, but we have decided that we are done. Maycie turned 14 months today! I should make a time line because Jason and I are coming up on 10 years. Would be interesting to see what we have all done.

Marci said...

you snot..... but you do realize if you post it it will come true. i hope you packed your maternity clothes.

Yvonne said...

That is a great way to post about your nine years. Sounds like a very busy nine years.

Happy Anniversary.

merathon said...

yep, you fooled me too!

Anonymous said...

creep! #5.. you got my heart going!!! I ran to tell dad..he said lookffurther

Melinda said...

To add to everyone else- my stomach almost leaped out of my body! I agree with Marci. Better watch out!!! T is getting older...

P.S. Happy Anniversary!

katharine said...

why spoil the great pattern now?

pecas said...

Number 5 was very funny ! Happyu anniversary! love

Beth said...

Haha.. Number five got me too.

Happy Anniversary

McCulloch Family said...

you TOTALLY got me!!!

Angela said...

When I got to five I went wow!
Then I read the next line.

Yes much has happened
Congrats on your 9 years together

weryoungs said...

Congrats to you both. Such a cute couple!!

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