July 08, 2008

"But we're living in a box"

Last night the kids and I took a stroll through the neighborhood. I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but there is a great little promenade along the water that leads to a park. We discovered this trail the first day we were here at about five am. Anyway so we were out walking, close to sun setting.

As we walked along the path little lizards would scurry out of our way, heading for the safety of the rocks and the bushes. Well one little lizard was not as fortunate to get away. B slyly hovered over him and snatched him up. Quite amazing actually considering the little guys' speed.

She carried him all the way home, where G-man ran in and grabbed a shoe box in which he stuffed the leaves and flowers he had gathered on the way home to make "Lizzy" a nice home.

Eric got home late, and the kids really wanted to show him there new pet. I think he is a bit afraid of the mini reptile because he wouldn't go look at him. Then their pleadings this morning for him to check out their prize was only met with his comments on how it was cruel to stick the lizard in a box. And that "they are slowly killing it."

We spoke to them a bit about how he needs to be out in nature. He needs food. He needs his freedom. We told him it was cruel to keep it in the box. This lead to G-man's response of "But we live in a box."

Maybe our apartment does look a little boxy but we did explain that we do have food and water, and are free to move about and go out whenever we want.

But it made me think about how in live sometimes we are that little lizard, going about our normal day to day activities when that big hand in the sky, picks us up, carries us with our legs and arms kicking, until we calm down playing dead. Then "the hands" throw us into a box, in which there has been some leaves and flowers and maybe a little dixie cup of water placed so carefully for us. And there we are kept to figure out where we are, what we are doing here, and figure out how we will survive.

And like this morning, eventually the hands that trapped you, take you for another walk and set you free back to where you were. Are you better for your little "trip" maybe, are you scared? Possibly?

But you know it is all part of life, sometimes you are going about just happy and content to be, and then swipe you are caught, and your life is changed.

It just happens.


Sheri said...

Or maybe you just keep running in circles avoiding the han that is trying to help you back out of the box!!

Tonya said...

Very good analogy.

Angela said...

You have lots of cool little creatures around you

Hope you are enjoying your box

iggee said...

Love this story! We have geckos that come in through the plumbing and roam about. Jack often pleas to "catch" him, but I always tell him that the gecko seems to know where he's going and he must like our bathroom because he keeps coming back to visit. The moment we interfere by "catching" him and placing him outside, he'll stop visiting.

pecas said...

well Corrine I love your analogy. i too, at times feel like that little lizard, here I am in Virginia, then San Antonio...then who knosw where the hands will take me!

Yvonne said...

Loved that--very good analogy.

Thanks for the reminder that I shouldn't stay in my box for such long periods of time ; )

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

i like this. agree. sometimes it feels amazing how one little turn of events or something totally changes and/or adds to your life in a profound way. it's all for our good though, for our experience. happy friday, kathleen

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