July 13, 2008

I am the BEST mom EVER!

Or so say my kids.

Yesterday while Eric had a business meeting at home, I took the kids out for a little shopping. Not something I really enjoy, shopping that is, and add kids and it is truly not my favorite thing. Though I have to admit I really miss my weekly trips to Walmart. Not that there isn't one here, and just as "close" as there was one before but it is in the heart of down town and lots of people and I just really don't do that well...anyway so on with our Saturday adventures.

On our outing we acquired:

2 new beach chairs (not pictured)
a boogie board (not pictured)
two monster truck hot wheels
Lincoln logs
2 dolls
a doll stroller (which T-Rex likes to sit in)
a doll bed
a doll carseat
a see and say (not pictured)
a TV with VCR (not pictured and not like we really need a VCR but hey!)
3 large stuffed pigs (already named Piggie, Pinky and Peach)
1 Large Build a bear dog (named Bella)
beads for making jewelry
bubbles, bubbles and more bubble stuff (oh that was a fun time blowing them off the Lanai last night, actually the wind did most of the blowing.)
and a Unicorn.

And before you think I have over indulged my kids, know that not only did I get them all these new fun toys to play with since we left behind all in Texas, I introduced them to the fun of Garage Selling! Hopefully it won't become our new favorite Saturday morning activity. Though I still really really want a couch.

Yes we hit a couple of garage sales and I have to say we didn't do too bad. They're happy. I am happy because as G-man said "we have lots to do now to keep us busy and out of your way."

The best part was when we got back in the car the kids said "Thank you Mom! You are the best mom ever!" Amazing what a little cash and a little time, and some toys can do to win you that title.


Yvonne said...

Garage sales are so much easier to deal with than Wal-Mart!!!

The Thorley Family said...

and cheaper! And nothing beats that I found a great deal feeling :)

Cheryl Anne said...

I love garage sales, nothing better! Good luck finding a couch

Sheila said...

We used to always have garage sales when we were little. Hope you find a couch you like.

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Way to go Corinne, way to win your kids over (hahaha). I am sure they are happy to get some toys and they said Thank you, it makes you want to buy more for them.

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