July 20, 2008

The Week at a glance

I have recently hit a writing wall, have lost my creative ability. I have been sucked into the tunnel of writers' block. I think I have shut my eyes to my on goings and lost my rose colored glasses to be able to find the humor in raising four kids- in the middle of no where, surrounded by water, sinking perilously into the ocean deep. Well it really isn't that bad. It's just been a very long week. And before I drag myself into a underwater woa is me cave, and get lost in self pity, I thought I should share some of the high lights of this week.

I think we have officially gone from "summer vactioners" to summer dwellers. I think life in paradise has just become life. Don't get me wrong I love driving around and looking at the beauty but life has set in. We live here. We have to grocery shop. Eric has to work.

So for this week.

I might have to go back wards starting with yesterday because that seems to be as far as I can remember at this point.

- We tried to buy a car yesterday. Well we almost got sucked into the buy this car because you won't find a better deal warp and realized that we could find a better deal and that we just don't really want to spend money on a car right now. But we didn't realize that until after spending the whole morning and into the afternoon with the sales guys. Finally Eric said to them "we're done and we are leaving." To which they wanted to know where in the sales did they drop the ball. Our only reply was "we stopped by to look and four hours later, we are ready to take the kids to the beach. We will think it over. If we decide the deal is a good one we will be back Monday. If the car is gone, we will find another."

- We left the dealership and headed to the beach. Which deserves it very own post. Which you may have already read at this point.

-G-man got his cast off this week! Yeah. Though I am not sure it is totally healed. Because at one point while we were waiting in the car for Eric to buy the other car, I grabbed G-man's arm, not any different than I ever do, and he cried. He is also being very protective of it and holds it away from things. So I get to call into the doctors tomorrow to check that out.

-G-man also lost another tooth while we were having his cast off party pancake. It just fell out with a bite. Unfortunately the tooth fairy forgot to get his tooth that he so carefully placed in a baggie under his pillow, that he pulled out in the morning wondering what had happened with the tooth fairy.

-I trained all week, to help train the poll workers for the upcoming elections. I had training every night from 6-10 and decided I am getting too "old" to stay out that late every night. I don't know how mom's work at night after watching their kids all day. Man I haven't been so tired since I was last pregnant. Sure hope I'm not pregnant. Ok random thought. But anyway it was very tiring. But it actually was fun for me to go out and mingle with other adults with out children. Anyway if you have any questions on using and e-scan or e-slate voting machines, I 'm your gal.

-T-rex started "swimming" he likes to go back and forth between adults. He is so cute, he just closes is eyes, shuts his mouth real tight and pops his head under the water. Such a thrill.

-B went out with a friend to see a movie, while we took G-man to the doctors. She had a blast.

(I know this post must have you totally captivated at this point,... I am sorry no wonder the lack of comments lately, see I have hit a writer's block. Just wait for my beach post.)

-Two has become quite the little swimmer as well and is finding her way around the pool. I always get a puff of pride, when people ask how old she is and then state "wow she is good did she take lessons." then I get to say "no I just worked with her." I don't know makes me feel like I have accomplished something you know.

Well yeah that is about all for our week....Oh no....wait....we got couches yesterday! Not super nice ones. Not new ones. Not something I might pick out of a store. But couches! And I have to say nothing makes a house more of a home than having a place to park your rump after a long long week.


katharine said...

i'm in a slump lately too, i think its the summer daze. i say, go without a car if you can, its just a few more months :)

Yvonne said...


Smile--it makes everything better. (Not always easy to do) I think it would be so hard to "live" in paradise.

Corrine said...

thanks yvonne I was thinking the same thing, I watched a young friend with her four kids and thought do I look that miserable? I need to smile more I think.

JustRandi said...

Wait. " I hope I'm not pregnant" ??????????
Need more info there!!

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