July 02, 2008

Ten Things I have learned Recently

  1. While walking with your children in the double stroller, it is important to buckle them up especially the one in front, who falls asleep, because as you go down the hill and over the curb she may fall flat on the hot pavement and burn her unshoed feet.
  2. If you want to get a library card, your name needs to be on the utility bill not just your husbands.
  3. Dance Dance Revolution is a great game but not if you live on the fourth floor of a complex, your neighbors might not appreciate it.
  4. Sunblock really works, and while lathering your face you might not want to forget your ears. Burnt ears aren't very fun.
  5. Humidity and salt air really make you sticky.
  6. Goldfish may be harmless little creatures but if you are a dead duck in the water you will become prey.
  7. If you want to swim with dolphins you will have to take your children's college funds to pay for it.
  8. It only takes about two weeks from moving for others to stop calling you. (there is a five hour difference from Texas though)
  9. Coconuts don't land quietly or softly from the fourth floor.
  10. Dryer sheets really should be used as fabric softeners and not as "man I left the wash in the washer too long lets make the clothes smell "clean" not mildewy."


Tonya said...

All very good lessons indeed.

Marci said...

sorry about the lack of phone calls. I was trying to figure out the time difference between us last week but then my head started to hurt. i think about you all the time and hope you are doing well. I was going to email you, but I lost your new email address (i'm an awful friend). Hopefully its going alight, but if its not... I'm always good for a cry, just call!

Sheri said...

I love #10! Blogging is for staying in touch! Especialy those of us who are rarely home because it is to darn hot in our unairconditioned house!
Love seein gyour pictures and hope y'all are having a fabulous time! We miss you and hope you decide to move to Utah!!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

You are awesome Corrine. Thanks for making me laugh. Love you!

Bia said...

I have an amendment for #5: humidity, and salt air, AND sand make you sticky.

God bless.

katharine said...

i am so glad i am not a dead duck in the water :) and that is outrageous about the library card - ours accepts the husbands name on the bill!
i hope you are making lots of new friends (even if you are not able to swim with dolphins)

The Thorley Family said...

It sounds like you guys are having a blast - I love the pics! We miss making mischief with you guys!

emh said...

man, i know what you mean about the library card. here in alabama they are nazis about it--i had to bring in a copy of our apartment lease and a photo id before they would let me get a card, and they have such low, strict limits on what you can check out that they made me get a separate card for each member of the family. they even wanted me to get a different one for ainsley, even though she was just turning one!

i hope you're having a blast!

Yvonne said...

And sunblock also needs to be applied to eyelids--mine got a nice burn ; )

Sorry about the DDR--or should I say sorry you live on the 4th floor.

At least you continue to learn ; )

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