April 23, 2008

While in the Dentist Chair...

I have tried really hard to take care of my teeth. I hadn't had a filling for many many years like high school, other than having to have a filling refilled after chewing gum and out came the filling with the gum, ummm tasty. Anyway, so that same tooth cracked, I think because it had been filled to the brim with filling! So yesterday I sat in the dentist's chair for a little over 2 hours, and while my mouth was propped wide open, drill's blaring the dentist says to me "you are mormon right?"

"huh huh"

"so let me ask you a question." not sure how he expected me to answer considering the fact that my tongue was numb and my jaw couldn't move, but sure ask away.

"how many wife's does Eric have?"

"un" he removes the tools so I can properly answer "one." giggle giggle chuckle...

So I go into a little bit of a discussion with him of how we are not one in the same and that they aren't what you would normally call a Mormon...anyway I was doing my best. I think I left with him understanding the differences...but who knows. Well today I tripped upon Tristi's blog where she explains the differences rather well. I wish he had an email address so I could send him to the blog. I also fell upon this blog the other day pointing out some of the differences in a pictorial but poignant (not sure that is the right word that I want to use) way.

And before you jump to these posts and think that I am being-- I don't know what, I just want you to know I feel horribly for these poor young children and girls, being taken from their parents whether it is to their new foster homes which I can't even imagine the trauma that is causing them, or being made to marry a man twice their age. It breaks my heart for these young children. Ok so there is my brief thoughts on local news...I guess its made it nationally...


Tristi Pinkston said...

Hey there,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And for linking to the other one, as well -- that was fascinating.

I was thinking, your dentist should have given you novacaine just for the uncomfortable questions. :)

Becky said...

The local news is slowly trickling down to the classrooms, but I haven't really had to explain it because most kids realized the difference between LDS and the FLDS. I personally am not sure what to think..because these girls having to marry guys that are twice there age is really repulsive..but at the same time, there isn't proof of abuse, so they can't legally keep them. It's traumatic for the children either way..=[[. It's really sad.

katharine said...

the combination of dentist/questions - that sounds like a nightmare!

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