April 21, 2008

Monday Mumblings:The Day I decide not to care

Our home has been on the market for ummm about 40 days I think, average selling time is 60 something days so we are still good but man that is a long time to live on pins and needles. Every morning I wake up, draw my curtains, make the beds, turn some side lights on, wipe down counters, vacuum a couple of times, turn on candle burners, you know set the stage so that just in case some one decides to call and come over to see the house, I am ready at a minutes notice.

Well it has been two weeks since we have had someone come see our house, and this weekend Eric volunteered to help a friend with putting in a fence and I had the opportunity to be home and clean but I decided that Lifetime Movie Network had missed me recently. So needless to say I didn't get any cleaning done, I did straighten up but you know...

So fast forward to today. I woke up this morning, made my bed, didn't open my curtains, nor turn on the lights. I wiped off the counters in the kitchen but not bathrooms, and did put breakfast dishes away but that was about it. I went to get a rental car. Then I had the brilliant idea since no one has been to the house in forever and most likely wouldn't be coming by I'd start doing oodles of laundry, pull the buckets o' crap out of the garage that had been catching things from each car cleaning. After I made the kids some nachos for lunch, leaving shreds of cheese on the counter, their cups on the floor, and such, i took the huge buckets and dumped them on the floor, next to the pile of clothes that needs to be washed. I ran up stairs to do something, probably check email, and got a call from an agent...."Hi this is so and so from Remax and I have a couple that I have been showing homes to in your neighborhood and they just pulled a flier to your house and were wondering if I could show it to them."

"oh so you are out side the door?"

"yes. you don't have to leave."

"um sure I'd be happy to show it to them though I am in a middle of a mess!"

They came in and I encouraged them to go upstairs so that I could at least shovel everything back into the buckets and throw it in the garage. Though I should have noticed more things up stairs, like the lipstick finger prints no more like hand prints all over my bedroom window, or the stench of dirty clothes in our closet, or the piles of clothes ooozing out of the kids closets, or the trash cans that need to be empty....or the trail of books and dolls. But no I was too worried about the dirty counters, the pile of clothes, the m & m spill. Oh well it was in sort of straightened order, and there is nothing I can do about it now seeing they have come and gone.

Maybe they didn't notice. Though the agent came down stairs and said to me "He said, referring to the client 'shhh don't wake the baby in the closet.' I thought he was kidding and I looked around the corner and sure enough there is a sleeping baby." Yeah thats where we like to keep them. So some things I didn't hide so well. But maybe the smell of cheese and eggs from the morning, were over shadowed by the smell of the oatmeal cookies I baked and ate in the last little while. I did lower the AC so they mentioned how cool it was inside.

So after they left I ran around the house cleaning up some of the major messes, and then wondered why the heck am I bothering? I mean who is going to show up now?? I guess you never know and the minute you put your guard down or give up so to speak it happens right? Maybe my prayers were heard this morning of my pleadings for a showing today! I don't know but now I got to go fix my messes I created....and again get back on the band wagon of making the house perfect for those once a week chances of someone stopping by.


Tonya said...

Oh wow, that would be tough. It figures that as soon as you thought the coast was clear they would show up. Maybe they will be the ones.

Becky said...

wow. I guess that's how it works..kind of ironic..but that's life.


I started my old back up again.
Check it out when you have time.

katharine said...

i'm so sorry! it seems the only time people ever drop by, i am knee-deep in child refuse and it stresses me out. but i'm not even selling my home!

Yvonne said...

Isn't that the way it works?!? Selling a house is such a stressful time. Sure hope it sells soon.

Love the story of the sleeping baby in the closet.

Spar-Mar Girl said...

I hate that! At least it was mostly kid messes-when we were selling our house someone came over while I was doing laundry(no notice). I thought I cleaned everything up, but after they left I realized that my bras were still hanging on the knobs to the laundry closet in the hall upstairs. Ooops. Needless to say, I wasn't too surprised they didn't put in an offer.

Spar-Mar Girl said...
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Bia said...

Oh, my. This would be funny if you weren't trying to sell the house!

But isn't that the way life is? You are prepared for days, and the one day you let things go THAT'S when people show up. Sigh.

I wish you the best of luck.

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