April 10, 2008

How Long Would you Sit on the Toilet?

Ok so seriously how long could you stay seated on a toilet? I don't think I would be able to stay longer than needed. Well while blog hopping this morning, I came across this blog, which led me to this blog, which led me to this article.

A few explanations I could come up with for staying on a toilet for two years is this:
-While having a BM you have a massive stoke leaving you in a coma for the duration of two years, and if this is the case you have a really stupid boyfriend that wouldn't call for help.
-You were held there against your own will.
-You were trying to beat a world record?
-You had fallen and couldn't get up.
-You had one major upset stomach.
-The decor was so captivating, the smell was so spring like, and it was by golly the best dog gone toilet seat you have ever placed your tush.

I googled it and found more of the story here with a video.
All I know is he (the boyfriend) mentions that after she gets out of the hospital he will take care of her. But all I can say is that he kept her on a toilet for two years? How is he going to take care of her??

The thing I just don't get, and not sure why I am wasting away my morning worrying about it is how the heck does one sit for so long that your own body starts to fuse itself to the toilet?? I am just baffled. Ok off to take a shower. And if you don't see a post from me tomorrow morning, call the authorities because I may have just decided to stay in there forever! And well a shower I could see that happening but a toilet???


Tonya said...

I saw this story a little while back and couldn't believe my eyes. How terrible that this kind of thing could actually happen to someone. Unreal!

Kristofer & Corrine said...

thanks for commenting... It was kinda weird one day when I was reading Ashley's blog and came along to one of your comments, and was like "I didn't write that." Then I realized my comments say Kristofer and Corrine. You probably pronounce it like Corrine, though, my is pronounced Corinne. :) P.S. Love the blog!!

Angela said...

I printed the news article out and wrote on the bottom

"This is why I ask you when you will be out.
I care."

I taped this to the bathroom door for my husband to see.

Anonymous said...

^ rofl

I love Sue's blog. When she wrote about that I pondered on the toilet seat lady for several days and then I decided it was too disturbing to think about anymore. Now I have to think about it all over again! Ahh!!!

Just kidding, but still. How?! Why?! Ugh!!!

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