April 25, 2008

My middle name is "stupid"

Yesterday I decided I wanted lemon bars, and came up with a really cool recipe...see we picked strawberries a few days back and had oodles of strawberries. So on Sunday morning I made the most delicious pico de gallo with strawberries, it was so red and pretty and really yummy, actually ate the rest today really good! But that is not where I earned the middle name, nor did I make lemon bars from the left over salsa.

Anyway Sunday morning I made crepes for the kids and made a strawberry-lime syrup, TASTEY! Well I had about a cup left of the syrup and thought "mmmm strawberry-lime lemon bars..." So I pulled out my handy dandy Better Homes and Garden Cookbook

and found the delicious lemon bars on page 220 (I think) and followed her recipe almost to the T other than her liquids of lemon juice and milk I replaced with my strawberry lime syrup.

I bake the crust per the instructions, get my mix ready and start stir frying some chicken for dinner. Well the buzzer buzzes after the 18 minutes were up, I grabbed my hot pads and pull the crust out of the 350 degree oven. I quickly grab my strawberry lime lemon mix pour into the 9x13 pipping hot pan, where the juice starts to kind of sizzle. And then bare handed grab the pan to put back into the oven!

I said out loud as if someone else was around "That has to be the STUPIDEST thing I have ever done!" as my hands made a sizzling noise. Well I quickly set it down, then grabbed the hot pads and put it in the oven.
(not my actual lemon bars but these look tasty too!)
And after soaking my hands in cool tap water I enjoyed some of the best lemon bars I have ever had if I do say so my self...they kind of soothed my hands....Stupid me!

Side note: I had fun making my play list with my kids last night. G-man helped me pick out some songs. He wants to learn Hey Delilah to sing to a girl in his class :) I realize how little I know about music and artists names cuz I didn't even know what to look up and select. So enjoy my randomness!

PS...Eric is enjoying Hawaii and sipping "cocktails" by the pool while I try to numb my loneliness with food....I made yummy brownies the night before last.


katharine said...

i'm so sorry about your hand - i know how that feels! i often burn myself when baking, and i put my hand right flat on a hot burner on christmas eve last year. it took about 2 1/2 weeks before i knew i hadn't damaged the heat receptors in that skin!

katharine said...

p.s. that food looks soooo yummy!!

Tonya said...

Yeouch! That must have hurt like the dickens.

I think Eric is the one missing out with you making all that yummy food.

Becky said...

wow. your hand must have hurt..I'm such a whimp to burns..but I rarely burn myself when i'm baking..I can't fry anything to save my life though! That's really cute..Hey There Delilah is one of my favorite songs! Let me know if you want any help picking out music..or that is if you haven't already!

JustRandi said...

Owwwwww! I'm SO sorry!!
They do look pretty yummy, though. and Strawberry Pico? I need that recipe!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

I did the same thing a few weeks ago. It was like I was not even thinking. Luckily mine was just a finger, but it hurt pretty bad for a while. Hope your hand heals ok. Our hubby's come back today, YEAH!

Hey It's Di said...

WOW! My middle name is "Stupid" too! What a coincidence:) I have made that yummy Betty Crocker recipe for lemon bars but they sound much better with your creative addition! Way to go! I will have to try it.

I'm sorry about your hand. I hope the sweets helped heal it:) Thanks for visiting my blog.

Hey It's Di said...

I forgot to mention that Eric owes you big time if he is in Beautiful Hawaii and you are stuck here:)

Nancy Face said...

We must have the same middle name...I've done that more than once! OUCH! I'm sorry about your hurt-y hands! :(

Yvonne said...

Ouch. That must have really hurt.

The strawberry pico de gallo sounds so yummy, and the lemon strawberry bars look so delicious.

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