April 18, 2008

Flash Back Friday

Not sure where this photo was hiding but I found it while straightening up the girls' room this morning. I love this picture on so many levels:

I am with one of my best friend's ever. Julie is awesome. This was taken during the second year we lived together. We did some crazy stuff, like umm dress alike! Die our hair, well my hair, make up songs like "I cross my heart with a triple D going only to the store that make them especially for me, in all the world you'll never find a bust as big as mine." (sung to the tune of that country song by that country singer that I just can't remember), stay up late at night eating really healthy things like french fries, chicken nuggets, something from the freezer section at Food 4 Less at 2 am. Anyway I can't really speak for anyone else, but that was one of my favorite years. Yeah there are some crazy room mate stories to tell but over all they were all awesome. Other than the one who would steal our clothes and pile them high on her floor, poor Julie that was her actual bedroom mate but not in that house...anyway those were fun times.

And so not sure what we are doing with our legs up like that, must be showing off our matching socks...don't you love how we coordinated our socks with our shirts!

So the other awesome thing was our very smart invention of S.A.D (Single Awareness Day) which is also known as Valentine's Day in many parts of the world. We had some great turn outs on this day and it was much more fun than going on a date, getting some chocolates and flowers, at least we told ourselves that.

I love this picture cuz I actually look cute, its been awhile since I have thought I looked cute. I think this morning I was looking at myself in the mirror and thought "man I am getting old, and my face is so round, and my lips are thinning way too much. " Anyway, it is fun to see pictures of myself looking cute, is that vain? Maybe but this is my flashback. And if only I could go back to that time (ten years ago) and tell myself how gosh darn cute I was. I thought I was so fat and ugly! What a dork I was well still Am and wow I am so over sharing.

I guess I better go clean up pee.


Yvonne said...

Sounds like you had a great time together. (Great title for Valentine's Day ; )

Don't talk about getting old to me--you can talk about it when the eyes are drooping so much you're afraid that one day you won't be able to see ; )

katharine said...

i feel the same way about old pictures of myself. what was i thinking? we should get together and look at our old photo albums. what would that be 'age awareness day' ?

Julie said...

Definately one of my favorite times too! If only we could look into the future we would take full advantage of things. Of course that counts for where we are now too. Before we know it we will be old and our kids will be gone. Then we will be wishing for today. Thanks for being such a great roomie! And staying such a great friend!

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