April 17, 2008

Nice Parent, Mean Parent

I have to say parenting is such an interesting thing, and mean and nice terms are relative. Probably depends on what side of the parenting fence you are on.

If you are a mean parent you:

  • -make your kid finish all their scrambled eggs that they begged for and then smothered in ketchup and tabasco sauce and found it too hot to eat, but because they chose to POUR that stuff over their perfectly fine scrambled eggs, they still have to eat it.
  • -make a child go to school even if the rest of the family is going to pick strawberries.
  • -help (well force) your child clean up their room after they took out all their toys, knocked over their bed, removed all the bedding, all the while asking them for help.
  • -when you take a child to the grocery store and only let them get a lunchable, a soda and their choice of ice cream but not allow them to get a candy bar at check out.
  • tell them not to come out of their room after you have already read them ten books, given them three glasses of water, and allowed them 3 trips to the bathroom.
  • make your kid brush their teeth before school.
  • You tell their friends to go home after they have been here for three hours and don't let another friend come over and play.
You are a nice parent when:
  • You are home alone with out your spouse and you don't make them (the kids) go to bed, and let them all sleep on the floor or on your spouse's side of the bed.
  • You go to the gas station and let the kids pick out an ice cream or candy in the store.
  • When they wake up crying in the middle of the night you let them sleep on your side of the bed while you go and sleep on the couch to get a huge kink in your neck.
  • When they get in trouble from the mean parent, you hug and kiss them and tell them its ok.
  • You take them to some city wide activity with lots and lots of people, buy them treats and make sure they have lots of fun, while the mean parent stays at home cleaning.
OK- So I am sitting her trying to write this blog. And I hear a door open. I hear fiddling. And think any minute I will see a small child come around the corner. And then I hear what sounds like someone opening up a candy wrapper. And then I think, what the heck are they doing? I get up go around the corner and G-man is standing in the hallway with his underpants partially pulled down, peeing all over the floor. I rush him to the bathroom. Where he takes off his underpants, wipes his legs down with a towel. He then runs to my bed, in the buff, and curls up in the covers. I pull the covers off and tell him he needs to go get dressed and get in his bed. He then runs into his room and comes out with socks. He mumbled something after I told him he needed underwear and not socks. So he goes back in and grabs another pair of socks and then I ask if he needs help. I grab him some underwear and he grabbed them and curled up in his bed.


Tonya said...

I am for sure the mean parent..LOL

My son did that wee on the floor thing too. It was great. Oh the memories. LOL

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

cute post corrine.

and in the end there, maybe the little guy was sleep walking a little :)

or would that be called "sleep peeing"? small grin.

thanks for coming by and saying such sweetness on my blog.

you're a sweetie, kathleen xo

Yvonne said...

I definitely know which parent I am!!!

The peeing on the floor would be a tough one for me to handle.

Angela said...

Oh my what a time

katharine said...

i am so glad i'm a mean parent. and glad so far no one is sleep-peeing in my house.
i did have 2 kids pee on the floor saturday morning (wide awake!!), right in front of the toilet. they were fighting over who had to go worse (i guess it was a tie??)

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