April 09, 2008

We Sure Are Blessed!!!!

You know with the way the last month and week have been going, you might be surprised to hear me say that. But as I was jogging this morning I was pondering on our blessings and I'd say luck but in my life I don't really believe in luck other than the fact that sometimes we have bad luck, but really in the end we truly are blessed. So with out dragging out my thoughts any longer:
  • No body was attacked by the swarm of bees, could you imagine:
    • Walking into the ER "My son has been attacked by a swarm of bees." "yes we have been here before, last Tuesday and Saturday.
    • I didn't have to call 911
    • There were so many bees I can't imagine one of those little guys surviving an attack.
    • Though yesterday while out looking at the new beehive catching box, B got stung by one bee. In the bee's defense she did step on him. Luckily only a little swelling occurred and after some ice, Motrin and a bath all was well. It could have been worse.
  • The bees have been safely removed to a new home, and we can go visit them whenever we want.
  • We didn't have to go to the ER again last night: After dinner we went for a walk as a family. G-man with his new orange and red cast, was running ahead of us. He ran over the top of something, then stopped, pointed, freaked out, squealed pointed again to something on the road, what looked like a fish to me flapping its tale (why would there be a fish in the road), and then ran back to me. What was there you ask? A rattlesnake!!! He was all coiled and what I thought was a flopping fish was his little rattler shaking at us.
    • I am glad he didn't get bit
    • We are blessed that no one was bit!
    • And I could have only imagined going into the ER....Yes we were here last night after he was attacked by a swarm of bees. But tonight as we were walking he was bitten by a rattle snake. Yes in one week we came here to get stitches, fix a broken arm, remove bee stingers and now stop the deadly rattle snake venom. Yeah you could say that was one Heck of a Week.
  • We got another offer on our house, though we haven't seen it yet. Our agent had a few questions about it for the other agent before he gave it to us. I have been praying we would get an offer, and we have now received 3- well 2 written one verbal- but I think I need to change my prayers, and if you could change yours as well, to say "an offer that we don't have to pay to sell it." I mean am I being too greedy not wanting to buy a stranger our house??
  • My kids despite a few knocks, bruises, brakes, cuts, runny noses are healthy. What more could a mom ask for? Maybe obedient, calm, mild and well mannered, but then what would I do for the next 18 years?

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Yvonne said...

I love how you look at things!!! And that is what we all need to do--recognize the blessings.

I hope the offer is a good one.

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