April 23, 2008

Laws of Attraction:Physics 101

Remember your Physics class in high school, or was it just physical science? Oh I forget but I don't forget learning about the fact that opposites attract. Remember taking two magnets and trying your hardest to put the positive or negatives sides together and there was that mighty force that would not let the same ends touch. Push and maneuver how you will they wouldn't touch. The closer you got the magnet would flip and then stick together. Remember this?

I came up with something, since the laws of nature must apply to everything natural, including us, human beings. I was trying to figure out why "bad" things seem to always happen to me and our family- not horribly bad, but I'd say just seems we have had our run of not so good luck lately, like me renting a car while my car is in the shop and having some dim wit hit it with their door leaving a rather large dent that I just hope I don't have to pay to repair right now...that kind of thing.

Anyway so as I was thinking, I was wondering if I was just a really negative person attracting all this "negative" to me and then I remembered this basic principal, opposites attract. Negative things can't happen to negative people it is just against the laws of nature, it is repelled from them landing on positive people. So there you have it, I am just a positive person that has negative stuff being repulsed by negative people, flipping and sticking to me.

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