April 01, 2008

TeeHeeHee Tuesday

We have a little point and shoot cannon camera. It takes decent pictures, even though my dream is to own a really nice camera and become a professional photographer, well not professional but would love to photograph on the side..anyway sorry this is suppose to be TeeHeeHee Tuesday, yeah another thing I came up with. But for TeeHeeHee (you know a little giggle) I decided I need to share a few little stories to get a little Teeheehee out of you.

So my camera, it has this little feature that creates little squares to focus on faces. I decided to take a few pictures of T-Rex this afternoon. And well the angle I was or the angle T-rex was, the squares focused on his little, well obviously not that little, ears. I laughed so hard, as I looked at the screen and saw his ears squared off. I guess I better save some money for an Ear tuck.

Then this morning as Eric was getting ready for work he and B had this conversation:
"Dad do you have bangs?"
"well why do you do your hair like that?" She asked pointing to him slicking back his hair with gel into a hair do.
"Because I like to look nice. Do you not like my hair like this."
"No because it makes your forehead bald."
There you have it, now you know, Eric has a bald forehead.
But that is not the end Eric then replied..."well my forehead is only going to get balder and bigger."

(I guess Eric was out of gel the day we took this picture usually he doesn't have any bangs.)


Tonya said...

*gasp* a bald forehead..LOL Kids are so funny.

I too have a desire to get a super nice camera dabble on the side. One of these days.

I think his little ears are adorable.

Marci said...

i've always thought it would be awesome for someone to only speak klingon to their kids so english was their second language. maybe that could be you with timmy.

The Thorley Family said...

Cute kids... we definitely need to go pick strawberries. I got emails last week from Sweet Berry Farm and Marburger Orchard saying their berries are ready to be picked...

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