April 02, 2008

How I turned a $5 bill into a $100 bill, in just one day.

I never have cash with me, I usually use my debit card, but today of all days I had cash. The cashier rung up my groceries and told me the total, "25.01". As I handed him my $10 and $20 bills, I searched through my coin purse for a penny, 'there has to be a penny amongst all these coins.' The cashier must have noticed me frantically diving through my wallet, that he just handed me the $5 bill and receipt and said "Don't worry about the cent" as he pulled a penny from his pocket and put it in the register. I smiled to him as I grabbed my grocery cart, kids sitting quietly, not asking for a thing, and said "thank you" as I walked out the door. I thought to myself, 'wow this is going to be my lucky day. It feels more like St. Patrick's Day than April Fool's Day.'**

The kids buckled up and I put the groceries in the car, and we headed on our way home, to meet our friends for a play date.

It was such a gorgeous sunny spring day that we packed a picnic lunch and walked over to the park. Not soon after being at the park the kids all decided they were done and wanted to go back home. We encouraged them to play different things, like who could run the fastest up the stairs and down the slide, or who could balance the longest across the little fence. Being only 5 they grew tired of our challenges and we gave in to take them home. Actually it was a good thing. See in Texas the weather likes to change in an instant. It went from 89 down to 69 in about two minutes flat, and the wind picked up and we were getting chilled.

After we got home, warmed up, it was time to pick up the brother from school. This is always a fun thing, you know kids crying because they want to walk, or because they want to be pushed in a stroller. Or sometimes we have to wake one up from their much needed nap, to only arrive at school to a crying first grader because his mom told him no friends after school. I was just tired, and didn't feel like watching the neighbor kids today. I mean can't a mom just enjoy her own kids after school? Something a six year old just can't wrap his brain around.

Well we make it home, and almost everyone is done crying. The kids decided it is a good time to eat Popsicles out on the tramp and I decided its a great time to veg in front of the computer. Then I remember what I had gone shopping for earlier, my special surprise Fauxberry Pie for dinner. So I run down stairs, to make it. Boy did it flop. I think I beat the potatoes too long.

The dinner was not a hit, I guess they didn't fall for the "we're having raspberry chocolate pie for dinner" because the firsts bites were followed by "this is gross!" and "I don't like this, I want Ramen." Now it would not have been such a big deal had they not done the same thing about dinner the night before.

Being one that doesn't do well with finickiness, I tell them. "Fine don't eat it. Fix your own dinner. And don't expect me to fix you dinner again!" I got up, put my dish in the sink and went up stairs to ignore the pleads and whines for something different. They survived and fixed themselves some Ramen Noodles. See it was OK. Well the kitchen was a mess, thank heavens no one called to see the house.

Because, while I was in hiding, the kids found me. They joined me. G-man also informed me that it was a parent's job to feed their kids and that I couldn't be serious that I was never going to fix them any more food ever. I was April Fooling right? No! I continued to ignore my kids as they thought it would be a great time to throw things down the stairs. I did warn them that it wasn't a great idea. But who listens to mom anyways??

In one of those throws my poor son's head met a flying metal pipe, that "accidentally" slipped out of B's hands down the stairs, where it bounced off a step and popped up pegging G-man in the back of the head.

Well so much for good luck, because that little accident cost us $100 in the ER for two little staples in the back of his head. I guess though I am lucky that it wasn't worse.

**this cash part of the story is made up :) I had to write a daily prompt about $5 bill....and thought wouldn't it make my story cool if I had used cash and got five dollars back at the store today....just had to let you know!


Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

You have the craziest days, no I mean months. You do not have any luck, at least not lately. I am sorry about Greg, that stuff sure is expensive and I hear Eric is out of town. Not sure how you survive. Jason is actually going on a business trip to Ireland and I am not looking to it. I kind of like him being home all the time.
Have a better day. Love, Jae

Cheryl Anne said...

Poor little guy, and poor Momma! I would have to say whining over a dinner I actually cooked is one of my biggest pet peeves. I totally relate. I think taking a time out for yourself is good therapy...though I wish it had a happier outcome for you this time.

katharine said...

clever title. i like the surprise ending. sorry it had to be a bad one!
i don't want to cook for my kids anymore either!

Patricia- Digiheaven Designs said...

You have been tagged. Check out my Digiheaven blog for details.

annie said...

Wow, I thought you were going to say you discovered a 100 bill in place of the 5! Sorry about the head...

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