April 09, 2008

Wednesday Whine Fest!: Today I don't want to...

What is something or somethings that you don't want to do today?? I have been sitting at the computer this morning, staring at the screen, really not wanting to do anything. So I thought why not list all the things I don't want to do today, I mean really people list the things they need to do in a day, and well I just feel like being a little bit "negative" and pout and say "no":
  1. take a shower (just not going to happen)
  2. get dressed (put some clothes on)
  3. make my bed (made mine plus the kids)
  4. eat vegetables (do pickles count? did have some cantelope)
  5. resist the temptation to make chocolate chip cookies
  6. make dinner
  7. fold laundry (the stuff that was in the washer and drier are folded I started another load but that may be done tomorrow)
  8. vacuum
  9. change diapers (2 down and who knows how many more today!)
  10. worry about selling the house
  11. put laundry away (everything folded and dry is put away, yeah me!)
  12. clean bathrooms (what was I thinking I cleaned them Saturday so I have straightened them, that counts for something doesn't it?)
  13. sweep the kitchen floor (I mean really how many times in one day can a person sweep the floor.)
  14. tell my kids to stop what they are doing (I let my girls put on their swimsuits, turn the sprinklers on and jump on the trampoline to their hearts content, now they are watching tv and eating popcorn, so I haven't vacuumed yet)
  15. get frustrated and angry over little things that bug me (see above, usually I get upset when the hose gets turned on)
  16. get my vt reports together (sent out a reminder to get them to me)
  17. sit at the computer and stare (I turned on lifetime movie network, can't say that is much better)
  18. complain! (so I am done!) off to do the beds...but do I have tooo!!!
Thanks to Randi's comment, I decided to take her advice and slowly knock things off my list!


JustRandi said...

Corrine, you can do it!!
try it in 15 minute chunks. That almost always gets me going. 15 minutes of work and then 15 minutes of something I want to do (usually blog surfing!). then 15 more minutes of work.
I bet you'll take a chunk out of your list.

I know what you mean, though. There are days when I don't want to do ANYTHING!

The MomBabe said...

I have those days all the time.

Thanks for stopping by, I'm really excited to read about your progress...

(for the record, the Biggest Loser people work out about 7 hours a day. crazy!)

Nancy Face said...

I don't want to do my friend's hair or my aerobics or my Pilates, and I don't want to put away all the clean laundry that I didn't want to do yesterday. But I'll do all that stuff anyway.

I feel better already! Good luck on your list! :D

kristy said...

That is exactly how I am feeling today! I just don't want to do a thing.

Yvonne said...

I'm glad you ticked things off your list--that ALWAYS makes me feel better. I look and go--Wow, I got lots done today. (I write everything down, even the little things and it makes me feel so much better ; )

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