April 07, 2008

Monday Mumblings: Week of the Twos

Rainy Days and Monday's always get me down....Don't know why but that song popped into my head and well as much as I like that song, I really don't feel that way, I actually really like a good rainy day, love staying inside, reading books doing crafts, and having a good excuse to wear my pjs all day. Though Mondays on the other hand seem to bring me grief and I am always just tired on Monday....But I have a few random mumblings to share this warm overcast day:
  • Our home has been on the market for a few weeks now, lost count actually. We had two offers that first weekend, one of which was a verbal offer that we never saw a paper offer for and the other was too low for us to take at this time, considering the fact we would have had to pay to sell our house.
  • We had two open houses this weekend, each of which a few people showed up to see. One wanted to get in touch with their mortgage broker, the other loved the house but they weren't ready to purchase anything at this time, and the rest we believe were nosey neighbors.
  • Though while we were at a friend's son's baptism we had another family come look at the house. I think they had little girls because the girl's dolls were moved around a little. But anyway I didn't know they had come and the agent left a message asking if she could set up an appointment for that evening. I called her back and she said they loved the home and were going to talk some numbers and get with our agent. So who knows but we will see.
  • This morning I actually ran a 9 minute mile! Plus I kept going for 1/2 mile and then walked the other 1/2 home. I am not sore yet, but I think this going while Eric is getting ready for work is going to work for me. I enjoyed being by myself though I think I was able to go so much faster because I didn't have to push a stroller and I was a little afraid to be by myself...
  • Have I ever told you that I have the most wonderful husband in the whole world? Eric is really wonderful he is thoughtful and caring and considerate and helpful!
  • I am sad I missed most of conference this weekend, with a trip to the ER, DVR not working, and kids! I am glad they come out with written talks.
  • I loved Elder Ballard's (?) talk on mothers. Though he mentioned avoiding substances...or something along those lines, can't think of his exact words, but he encouraged us to avoid substances to help us "survive" the days, and it made me think would that be my diet pepsi's with Limes??? Because I need them to survive my days....
  • I just figured out how to use these little tabby things and I think they are so cool!
  • Two ladies with pink strollers just walked by! I guess me being practical and one that has multiple kids, I wouldn't buy a pink stroller (even though they are darling) I just wouldn't be able to use it for my boy. That is kind of whats the word I am looking for, anyway messed up because all my girls have had to ride in navy blue strollers...so why couldn't I use a pink stroller for my boys??? They do have brown with their pinks....anyway, sorry random mumbling...
  • I got a crying baby so I got to go!
  • one last thing, I have already consumed half of my points for the day! I am jumping back hard core with WW, well obviously not hard core, because I have already eaten half my points but at least I know I ate half my points and I can monitor what I eat the rest of the day. I mean if I am running now...( i know not much yet) but if I am doing that I might as well let my eating work with it too!


Jana said...

Hope you get a great offer soon!

I didn't know you were on WW's! I have been doing it since January. Haven't minded it too much and am FINALLY getting to the point where excercise is something I have to do each day or I feel blah. Believe me, that's a first! Good for you to be running each a.m.!

Angela said...

I want to move closer to my work, but there is no point in trying to sell our home for several years.
Hopefully you will get a great offer.
My son has a few pink things. Like play dishes for his play kitchen.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Tonia said...

Oh no! I missed that talk about substances to get us through the day. That means chocolate at about 2pm to 4pm for me. Those are my hard hours for some reason. Why to go on the running - I need to start again. And good luck on the house! I heard that selling right now is more like a marathon and not a sprint although I feel like that with buying one too!

Tonya said...

Okay seriously, your post just made me really tired :o)

Hope you have good luck selling the house.

Yvonne said...

I hope your house sells soon--it is such a stressful time.

Good luck with the WW thing. Congrats on the 9 minute mile!!!

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